Jordyn Woods Has Been Flooded With Business Opportunities Since Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

Though many may have thought Jordyn Woods had lost it all -- her friends, her influencer status, the loss of the Kardashian family's support -- following the drama surrounding her and Tristan Thompson, it seems as though a handful of major brands are now interested in bringing Woods into the spotlight once again.

As Elle shared, following her revealing Red Table Talk interview with Jada Pinkett Smith, several brands have found Woods' side of the story to be relatable, believable, and above all -- marketable. According to Elle, Woods has since been flooded with phone calls from various companies that want the model to promote their product on social media.

Additionally, Woods will be traveling to London at the end of the month with her mom, who also manages her brand, Elizabeth Woods. The duo will be meeting with a handful of companies to sign "several deals," and to further her career as an online influencer.

After their stay in London, the mother and daughter team will travel to Dubai -- and some other Middle Eastern destinations -- to make some public appearances. There, they plan to engage in further business dealings. The two women have reportedly linked up with a marketing expert in the Middle East named Sheeraz Hasan, who has reportedly handled some marketing accounts and appearances for a number of A-List celebs, including Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

Woods has just recently made her return to social media in the aftermath of the alleged incident, which occurred in February. Since her short hiatus from Instagram, she's been sharing selfies and dramatic, sexy shots of herself as if nothing has happened. In her first post to Instagram since breaking her online silence, Woods came back with a shorter haircut -- and a sheer shirt that her fans went wild for.

The former Good American model has also shared a short video of herself showing off her new hairdo and a face full of dramatic, glamorous makeup. Sitting by a pool, she bobbed her head around to show all of the different angles of her face. The reflection of the nearby water emphasized the contouring, heavy sweeps of bronzer, and baby-pink lipgloss she chose to amp up her look.

And yesterday, Woods posted what might be her first in a long line of new promotional posts since she fell out of favor with the Kardashian family. Woods rocked a two-piece bikini in lime green, and topped the look off with a Burberry-inspired jacket she let fall around her waist. She stood at an angle to show off her curvaceous backside -- and in a second photo, she gave an over-the-shoulder, sizzling glance toward the camera.

For that shoot, Woods tagged the bathing suit company Icon Swim in her post, and used the hashtag "ad" to let her fans know she had been paid to model the attire. This could mark the first in a long line of new opportunities for Kylie Jenner's former best friend.