Cassie Randolph Dons White Bikini Top, 'Bachelor' Winner Poses For Hot Shots With Sister Michelle

The Bachelor winner Cassie Randolph has been all smiles in recent days, and this past weekend she hit the beach in California with her beau Colton Underwood and her family. While Cassie generated plenty of buzz with the shots she shared on social media that included Colton, it was a pair of photos with her sister Michelle that seemed to generate the most heat.

Randolph's buzzworthy Instagram post shows her posing on the beach with her sister Michelle, and she noted that everybody seemed to have the same idea that they had about hitting the beach. While the reality is that these are not brand-new photos taken during this recent beach outing, Bachelor fans are loving them all the same.

The photos show Michelle in a one-piece, white bathing suit with a button-down shirt partially covering her. Cassie is wearing a white bikini top, a white hat, and light-colored jeans. In one photo, Cassie has her jeans unbuttoned to show a peek of her white bikini bottoms.

The pose shows Cassie's taut abs and a hint of cleavage, and the sisters are snuggling up to one another closely. The Bachelor winner's post brought in nearly 250,000 likes in just 18 hours and more than 800 of Randolph's 1.5 million followers commented on the post.

A few people did question whether these photos were from this past weekend as the caption essentially suggested but others knew thanks to Michelle's Instagram page that they were taken a while ago. Michelle posted a photo that was clearly taken at the same time to her Instagram page earlier this month as she opened up about her close relationship with her sister.

In her original post, Michelle wrote about how kind and genuine Cassie is and how she considers The Bachelor star her best friend. Michelle added that she would always look up to her big sister, and those who follow the two Randolph sisters on social media know that they are incredibly close.

The Bachelor fans were thrilled to get updates from Colton and Cassie during their finale and hear that the two are doing great so far. They seem to spend a lot of time with Michelle and her actor beau Gregg Sulkin, and Underwood has even officially moved from Denver, Colorado, to California to be near his sweetheart.

What comes next for Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph? The Bachelor lovebirds are already talking about an engagement, buying a house together, and eventually getting married, and fans are rooting for them to go the distance.