Devin Brugman Goes Topless And Flaunts Her Cleavage In Sexy Bikini Shot On Instagram

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Swimsuit model and social media star Devin Brugman shared a new photo to her Instagram page on Monday, and this one is sizzling hot. The entrepreneur is known for flaunting her curves via her social media pages, and her fans never fail to show their love for what she shares. In this latest post, Brugman is sending her fans into quite the frenzy.

Devin is known for her sexy bikini photos, but this newest shot has a bit of a twist. The photo posted to Instagram was taken in the Bahamas, and Brugman is topless as she stands in the ocean water. A hint of her purple bikini bottoms can be seen under the water, and she’s holding her hands over her breasts as she looks off into the distance.

It looks like the bikini bottoms are from her line with Natasha Oakley, Monday Swimwear. The photo is relatively simple but absolutely gorgeous, as it showcases Devin’s stunning physique — and the beautiful setting — while keeping distractions to a minimum.

In the photo, Brugman has her hair wet, swept away from her face. She is wearing hoop earrings and a flattering but simple makeup look, along with a pale pink color on her nails. Devin is photographed from the side, with one leg bent under the water, and her breasts are partially submerged in the crystal-clear blue ocean water.

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Brugman has 1.3 million followers on Instagram now, and they went wild over this topless shot. More than 30,000 users liked the post in a matter of hours, and hundreds posted comments showing their love.

Another recent Instagram post showed Devin in the same setting — the Bougainvillea House Villa on Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas. In this case, she was wearing a lavender bikini, and teased that it’s going to be available this spring via Monday Swimwear. That post pulled in more than 60,000 likes over the course of several days.


It seems that this particular photo shoot was an especially fantastic one for both Brugman and Oakley. Natasha shared a shot of the two from the shoot via her Twitter page, teasing the upcoming bikinis they will have available, and calling it a surreal shoot.

While this shoot looked like it was all smiles and sunshine, Brugman is currently in Hawaii. She teased via Twitter that it’s been a trip with plenty of ups and downs. Devin said she was covered in bug bites, but it sounds as if she’s doing her best to laugh about it.

Devin Brugman’s career is clearly on fire right now, and fans cannot wait to see what she tackles next.