'The Young And The Restless' Star Tracey Bregman Begins Anew

The Young and the Restless star Tracey Bregman, who portrays Lauren Fenmore Baldwin on the show, was one of the many who lost homes during last year's devastating California wildfires. As the ashes were pushed away, Bregman looked toward her future.

The actress took to Instagram yesterday to share footage of crews clearing away the burned remains of her beloved home. Her post featured drone footage of the removal process, and the devastation left by the fire had renewed hope surrounding it in the form of green grass and trees, proving that time continues on and beauty can come out of the ashes.

Bregman suffered losing her home and its contents, including her late father Buddy Bregman's records, which The Inquisitr reported Y&R gifted her in the weeks after the fire. In the aftermath, she expressed gratitude that her family and pets were all saved from the inferno. In all, the actress sounds hopeful as she opens the door to her future.

Many of the daytime star's followers chimed in with their support and commiseration.

One fan wrote, "Hugs hugs hugs hugs. Your resilience and optimism in moving through this period of loss and rebuilding have been remarkable. I'm just a fan of your human being, Tracey. You are amazing. Wishing for all good things to come your way."

Another person sent positivity to the star as she starts on this new journey.
"Sending you an abundance of beautiful blessings as you start anew, dear Tracey! There is so much positivity and beautiful new memories in the making as this new chapter begins. I hope you feel my love and hugs!!!"
Bregman responded to several who also lost homes in the wildfires last year.She replied, "@jalynsway I'm so very sorry you are going thru the same. It's truly heartbreaking. Sending love, prayers, and strength your way."

Through it all, Bregman has kept a positive outlook in spite of all that she lost. She's moved forward with her plans and her work as Lauren in Genoa City despite how much work it is to coordinate everything with the insurance. Bregman's co-star Eileen Davidson, who portrays Ashley Abbott, recently opened up about how it was like a full-time job to ensure all her fire damage was fixed, according to The Inquisitr.

It's nearly spring, and with it, Bregman, as well as many of the others who lost so much last year, can find new hope for the future.