Pete Domenici: Former Senator Fathered Child With Colleague’s Daughter

Pete_Domenici has secret son

Former Sen. Pete Domenici has just revealed that about three decades ago he had a son after an affair with Michelle Laxalt, the daughter of former Sen. Paul Laxalt of Nevada.

Domenici, 80, retired from the US Senate in 2008 after serving six terms representing the state of New Mexico. He has eight children together with his wife Nancy.

Apparently the news of Domenici’s love child was being shopped to the media, so the former GOP senator decided to make a preemptive strike. His family found out about the Laxalt affair and the secret son some months ago.

According to the Washington Post, Domenici was 46 and Michelle Laxalt was 24 when she gave birth to her son.

In a statement about the out-of-wedlock birth provided to the Albuquerque Journal, Domenici apologized for his behavior and personal transgressions and also said:

“More than 30 years ago, I fathered a child outside of my marriage. The mother of that child made me pledge that we would never reveal that parenthood, and I have tried to honor that pledge and so has she.

“Rather than have others breach this privacy, I have decided to make this statement. These circumstances now compel me to reveal this situation.”

In another statement provided to the Journal, Michelle Laxalt — who is D.C. consultant and political commentator — said under the circumstances, she chose to raise her son as a single parent.

“Given the fact that both my father and the father of my child were United States senators, I felt strongly that I would make this choice according to my values and would not seek advice, input or permission.”

Her son, Adam, is a former Navy officer and lawyer now based in Las Vegas.

Congressman Steve Cohen (D – Tenn.) recently revealed that he fathered a daughter many years ago with a former girlfriend.