'Egg Boy' Donating GoFundMe Money For Egging Senator To Christchurch Survivors

The world was rocked on Friday by the news that a terrorist had walked into two mosques in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, and opened fire, killing 51 people in total. There was an outpouring of grief and support from all over the world, but there were also cruel messages of hatred that reared their ugly heads.

One of those messages came from Australian Senator Fraser Anning, who decided to victim-blame those who were attacked by taking a stab at immigration and immigrants.

"What it highlights is the growing fear within our community of the increasing Muslim presence," he said in an official statement released by his office, per Vox. "The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place."

Fortunately, no one took too kindly to his horrible sentiment in the wake of such a horrific event, and one young man, a teenager by the name of Will Connolly, decided to demonstrate to the senator exactly what he thought of the statement. When Anning stepped out for a press conference, Connolly marched straight up to him and cracked an egg over Anning's head, live on camera.

Connolly, who earned himself the nickname "egg boy" for his actions, was quickly tackled to the ground and arrested, but he had plenty of support, with a GoFundMe page being quickly set up to pay for his "legal fees and more eggs." According to Newsweek, however, he has a much better plan for the money.

While Connolly does plan on keeping some of it -- presumably to cover those costs -- he has also said that the majority of the money would be donated to the survivors of the horrendous attack. The total that has been donated so far equals nearly the set goal of AU$50,000 (roughly $35,000), which was set as such to honor the number of victims of the attack.

Despite becoming an almost instant worldwide sensation for taking extremely bold action in a very public setting, Connolly did point out it's probably not the best idea to egg senators.

"Don't egg politicians. You get tackled by 30 bogans at the same time," Connolly said, using the Australian equivalent of the term "rednecks."

"I learnt the hard way," he added, in a video posted to Twitter.

Even so, he doesn't appear to have any regrets about egging Anning. He also took to the social media site with another statement, showing his true character when speaking about the moment he cracked the raw egg on Anning's head.

"This was the moment when I felt so proud to exist as a human being. Let me inform you all guys, Muslims are not terrorists and terrorism has no religion. All those who consider Muslims a terrorist community, have empty heads like Anning."