March 17, 2019
Kansas Department Of Transportation Calls Donald Trump A 'Delusional Communist'

The Kansas Department of Transportation sent out a surprising tweet on Sunday afternoon calling Donald Trump a "delusional communist." According to KWCH in Wichita, Kansas, a KDOT employee used the agency's official account to attack the president for a tweet that he wrote criticizing two Fox News anchors and CNN.

On Sunday afternoon, Trump tweeted that Fox News anchors Arthel Neville and Leland Vittert must have been trained by CNN, and suggested that they should be working with Fox's lowest-rated anchor Shepard Smith. Though it wasn't clear what angered the commander-in-chief, his ire seemed to stem from a Fox News segment called "America's New HQ." During that segment, Vittert commented on the constitutionality of the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In response, the Kansas DOT's official Twitter account sent out a message attacking the president for attempting to censor the media.

"You're a delusional Communist. You know it's Communist countries that try to control the media, right?" the employee wrote.

The post was swiftly removed about two hours after it was posted, and a new tweet was put in its place apologizing for the message. The department also said that the employee had been fired.

"Today a KDOT employee sent a tweet from our SC Kansas KDOT Twitter account. The tweet has been deleted from the KDOT account as it does not reflect the views of KDOT or the Administration and was an unacceptable use of state communication tools. The person who sent the tweet is no longer an employee of KDOT."

However, before the tweet was removed, state Representative J.R. Claeys commented on the post.
Criticizing news anchors was only part of Trump's morning. The president sent a flurry of tweets on Sunday attacking everyone from Saturday Night Live to Hillary Clinton. He started the morning by calling SNL unfair because it didn't spend as much time attacking people on the left as it does attacking him, and called for the FCC to look into the situation.

He then called out the late Senator John McCain over the Steele Dossier before moving onto "Radical Left Democrats" for attempting to "silence a majority" of the country. He called for suspended Fox News commentator Jeanine Pirro to be returned to her show and urged Tucker Carlson to stay strong in the face of intense backlash for lewd and offensive comments that he made in the past.

Finally, he laid into GM, and praised Republican senators who didn't vote to limit the president's national emergency declaration powers this week.