Genie Francis Talks Laura’s Betrayal By Kevin, What She Hopes ‘General Hospital’ Writers Do Next

Craig SjodinABC

Laura finally knows the truth about Kevin hiding Ryan at Ferncliff for months. General Hospital viewers watched this past week as she tried to wrap her head around the truth of it all and spoilers suggest that this may drive a permanent wedge between the two. However, actress Genie Francis is opening up about the storyline and hinting that she hopes there’s more to come for these two as a couple.

Genie talked to Soap Opera Digest for their latest print edition. Francis noted that it has been a lot of fun to play this twisted storyline, although it was tough at times to play Laura not knowing the truth.

Laura was stunned to learn that Ryan didn’t take over Kevin’s life as soon as he showed up alive in Port Charles. Rather, Kevin hid his brother at Ferncliff for months and this left Laura quite rattled. When she was first reunited with her husband she assumed only the best in terms of his role in all of this, and now she’s unsure what to think or do.

Viewers have now seen that Laura is hesitant to do what is needed to put her marriage back in place legally, hinting that she’s not entirely sure she wants to continue this marriage. General Hospital spoilers reveal that if it were entirely up to Genie, she’d focus on forgiveness.

“It’s tough for me to imagine Laura, who has forgiveness and love for everyone, even Ava, that she suddenly can’t forgive this man who she loves deeply. I hope they don’t want me to do that, but I know [the writers] want her to be upset and angry and I think that makes sense… But if she can’t forgive him, then I don’t know who she is.”

General Hospital fans were livid last year when the show cut Francis from the cast. Once she was brought back, spoilers had teased that she’d play a significant role in at least a couple of storylines. Viewers have loved having her back and it doesn’t look as if she’s going anywhere anytime soon.


Not only has Laura been dealing with the Kevin and Ryan storyline, she’s now the mayor and she’s been shown interacting a fair amount with Sonny. Francis says she loves working with Maurice Benard, the actor who plays Sonny, calling him exceptional.

What comes next for Laura and Kevin? General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps suggests that Laura will remain angry for a while. Viewers will see that anger during Thursday’s show, although it’s not known for certain whether she’s angry at Kevin or over something else.

Can Kevin win Laura back after all that’s happened? General Hospital spoilers hint that it may take a while for the damage to be repaired, but fans aren’t going to give up on this pair yet. Ryan remains unaccounted for and it sounds as if there may be more surprises on the horizon for Laura and others in Port Charles.