‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin Munro Reappears This Week

Craig SjodinABC Press

General Hospital seems to have lost Dr. Griffin Munro somewhere during the downfall of Ryan Chamberlain. He hasn’t been seen for weeks since the serial killer plotted to do away with Ava’s former love after seeing them in a friendly embrace. However, Griffin is expected to finally reappear this week.

Fans have been wondering where Griffin has been lately, especially since Kiki’s killer has finally been outed. You would have thought that this guy, who was so broken up over his girl’s death, would go running off to either GH or the PCPD to find out more about her killer. He is nowhere to be seen, but that is about to change. General Hospital spoilers indicate that by the end of the week, Griffin will be back. Soap Central says that he will have a visit with Anna.

Anna could be there to check up on him, or she may have some questions for Griffin. Nonetheless, those two will be sharing the screen once again. There is a possibility that he could have another visitor soon. More spoilers indicate that Ava will be seeking someone out who isn’t about to pull any punches with her. That could be a hint that she will be heading over to see Griffin. He would definitely be the one to not hold back exactly what he thinks of her sleeping with the person who killed her daughter.

General Hospital spoilers also say that Dr. Munro will find some sort of outlet for his anger. Will be let out his anger on Ava, or will he head to the gym to box his anger out? He has been grieving the loss of Kiki for months, but now maybe he will recover a bit once he knows that her killer has been discovered and is presumed dead.

There were previous rumors swirling around back in February that actor Matt Cohen would be exiting the ABC soap. In fact, fans were speculating that his character would be killed by Ryan Chamberlain. That almost happened if it wasn’t for Ava showing up on the rooftop before Ryan could do anything.

There has been no official word that Cohen is really leaving, so maybe Griffin will have more on-screen time soon. It will be interesting to see his reaction to finding out that Ryan, who was impersonating Kevin Collins, is the one who killed Kiki. Will he sympathize with Ava or blame her for what happened?

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see more of Ava’s downward spiral and Griffin Munro’s reappearance.