Andy Cohen And Son, Benjamin, Adorably Wear Matching Snoopy Pajamas For St. Patrick’s Day

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Fans of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live know that host Andy Cohen is a huge fan of the Peanuts character Snoopy. He has had the famous white beagle on his late-night talk show a couple of times and has worn clothing adorned with the dog’s likeness on several different occasions.

In 2014, Cohen was even tapped to write the foreword to an updated edition of the Running Press book Peanuts Guide to Life. In the introduction, which Entertainment Weekly printed at the time, he explained how his love for the character began at birth when he was gifted a stuffed Snoopy. He soon wound up carrying him around everywhere that he went.

“He was cute. He slept with me. He hugged me. He made me smile. As long as Snoopy was there, he made me feel like I was home.”

The former Love Connection host’s parents, Evelyn and Lou Cohen, even encouraged his love for Charlie Brown’s pet, who first appeared in the Peanuts comic strip on October 4, 1950.

In Peanuts Guide to Life, Cohen said that when his father would tuck him into bed each night, his dad would hold the stuffed Snoopy up to his ear and then Lou would tell Andy what the dog was saying about him. Additionally, his mother always had a Peanuts calendar to mark down the special dates of the year.

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Mornings are my new jam #ThreeWeeksOld

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So, it’s no surprise now that Cohen is a father himself that he is passing on the puppy love to his own son, 6-week-old Benjamin. In fact, one of the very first photos he posted on Instagram of the newborn featured the baby wearing a Snoopy onesie.

For St. Patrick’s Day 2019, Andy and Benjamin sported matching pajamas featuring Snoopy, his best friend Woodstock, and green shamrocks. The Bravo star shared a cute photo of their twin outfits on Instagram on Sunday, March 17.


While dad is offering a big smile for the camera, the baby boy clearly did not want his picture taken, as he is in the middle of a little tantrum. The family dog, Wacha, is also in the photograph, staring at Benjamin and wondering why he is crying.

More than 289,900 of Cohen’s followers liked the post in its first five hours online, and more than 5,200 people commented on it. Most fans wished the family a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” while others wrote about the awesome jammies they were wearing. There were also a lot of green heart and shamrock emojis posted.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Hopefully, Andy and Benjamin will be able to continue sharing their love for Snoopy with the world for many years to come!