WWE Bombshell Charlotte Flair Spills Out Of Skin-Tight Ring Gear In Latest Instagram Photo

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WWE superstar and second-generation professional wrestler Charlotte Flair is as beautiful as she is talented, racking up an enviable record while captivating the hearts and minds of her adoring admirers. Hailing from the “Queen City,” the daughter to wrestling legend “Nature Boy” Ric Flair is able to blend sex appeal with serious in-ring talent — a combination that has made her one of the most notable women to ever step into the squared circle.

In her most recent Instagram share, the blonde bombshell can be seen in a side profile as she strides confidently toward the ring. Backgrounded by raucous fans, each bearing a different expression, Charlotte maintains her signature ice-cold demeanor, her chiseled features refusing to budge an inch. Her iconic platinum blonde tresses are styled in a dramatic side part, sweeping down to crest over her neck and shoulders.

Her muscular physique is on full display, with her toned arms and shoulders standing out against a glistening sheen of sweat that adorns her tanned skin. The deep plum material of her ring gear leaves very little to the imagination, as the skin-tight material presses her breasts into a position of prominence. Her makeup game is on point as well, with perfectly sculpted brows and long, luxurious lashes framing her gorgeous — yet intense — eyes. A hint of blush graces her cheeks, Charlotte sports a pretty nude lip on her plump pout.

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Captioning the capture with a simple diamond emoji, it’s clear that Charlotte Flair is content to let her body do the talking for her. The enthusiasm of her fans in the photo seemed to have been echoed by her social media following, with the snapshot quickly attracting over 130,000 likes in addition to 1,400-plus comments, which were largely complimentary in nature.


One fan wrote, “My dream girl Charlotte,” followed by a pair of heart-eyed emojis. A second Instagram fan quipped, “Perfect example of a pure athlete! With unbelievable talent!”

Charlotte is set to perform on the biggest stage of them all at WrestleMania 35. In a Triple Threat match scheduled to take place between herself, “The Man” Becky Lynch, and former UFC champion Ronda Rousey, Flair will find herself embroiled in a three-way dance which may have repercussions for years.

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Just WOOOO it!

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With renowned wrestling promoter Eric Bischoff recently remarking that the women’s Triple Threat match should be dubbed the main event at WrestleMania 35, per Comic Book, it looks like the stakes are certainly high for Charlotte, as she approaches the biggest pay-per-view event in the professional wrestling business.