‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Olivia Jordan Flaunts Full, Perfect Derriere In Skimpy Beach Bikini

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Body-positive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Olivia Jordan has had a long and storied career in the fashion and beauty industries, something which she firmly emphasized in her latest Instagram share. Taking to the popular photo and video sharing platform to tell a bit more of her story, and sharing a provocative yet cheeky picture in the process, the California girl made an enormous impression on her sizable fan base.

In this image, Olivia can be seen walking away from the camera towards an idyllic scene — the blue of the skies and of the water, the cresting white waves, and a warm sandy beach. Her signature blonde locks are styled in loose, beachy waves which tumble about her neck and shoulders to rest against her back. The model’s iconic feminine silhouette is emphasized by the angle of the pose, and her full, round derriere is showcased in a pair of high-waisted bikini bottoms.

Her long, slender legs and toned thighs also make an appearance, her feet covered in sand as she walks towards the water. A rocky outcropping can be seen in the distance, as can a few large stones nearby. Olivia’s slender arms, svelte waistline, and delicate shoulders are also put on display in this sun-drenched snapshot.

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For 15 years I lived trying to uphold a modeling agencies expectations of beauty- often consciously and notably, even unconsciously.???? I cut and colored my hair how they asked me to, almost killed myself trying to elliptical my way into a 34 inch hip measurement (never successfully), I pivoting into bikini modeling so I could keep the booty but then had to make sure to eat in a way that kept my chest full, but my waistline small, with muscle definition but not too muscular and never ever getting pesky tan-lines or annoying breakouts. Exist, at all times, as the person I was in my most photoshopped images. It was exhausting. One year ago I walked away. I found myself crying (for the umpteenth time) after talking to one of my agents and was like “why the heck am I listening to this lady who is verbally attacking me?” I wrote one simple email breaking contract. They agreed to let me be free and I began to live my life for the very first time- however the heck I wanted to. I’m still finding the balance- like how do people workout just for their health?!? And yes, I recognize there is some length of hair that probably should get a trim. But I get to decide. Me. No one else. My livelihood no longer depends on if I fit into the beauty standards of the moment. And that pressure that I lived with for so long- at times imperceptible and at other times insurmountable- has finally lifted.???? #nophotoshop #freedom #bodypositive #selflove #selfcare #mermaid

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In a lengthy caption attached to the paradisal picture, Olivia Jordan tells her adoring audience about the last 15 years of her life as a professional model — focusing on the pressures that constrained her physically and spiritually. In a philosophical screed that spanned over 250 words, the blonde bombshell laid her truth on the line, talking about how impossible the demands placed upon her were, and how much of a toll it took on her.

Despite her struggles, it appears that Olivia ended up on top, having curated a successful career and a devoted group of fans and followers. Over 26,000 of those fans left a like in response to her sunny snap, and nearly 400 users took the time to write her a personalized note in the appropriate section.

One user wrote, “Now you can model on your own terms,” followed by a flame emoji. A second Instagram fan encouraged and supported Olivia, writing, “Honestly, you ARE great and those agencies are dumb. Like we can tell when a model is unhealthy or photoshopped. I don’t know who they are trying to fool anymore. Glad you’re out and you look amazing.”

No matter what Olivia Jordan chooses to do with her very vibrant future, it’s clear that her admirers are behind her every step of the way.