Amanda Cerny Flaunts Her World-Famous Body In Bubble Bath, Takes Cannabis Tincture For Extra Relaxation

Comedienne and model Amanda Cerny may be one of the biggest names on Instagram nowadays, having cultivated a sizable fan base of 24.6 million followers, but that doesn't mean that she's dulling her edge as she gains popularity. In fact, the Instagram vixen can frequently be seen pushing the boundaries -- both in terms of the sexy, sensual snapshots which she shares, as well as in terms of the products she promotes.

In her most recent share, which was comprised of three different snapshots, Amanda shows off various aspects of her personality and of her body. In the first image, the comedienne can be seen sitting poolside in a pair of hot pink shorts and a gray sports bra. Applying some freezing ointment to her shin, it looks like the brunette bombshell may have pushed herself too hard in a recent workout. Her slender figure is showcased by the pose, a hint of her ample cleavage present. Her hair is pulled back into a sporty ponytail, and she gazes straight at the camera lens with a certain intent.

In the second shot, the model can be seen taking a luxurious bubble bath, her feet protruding from the water to rest on the edge of the porcelain tub. She delicately grasps a bright fuchsia bath bomb between thumb and forefinger, a sultry gaze cast off camera. A trio of boxed bath bombs can be seen placed in a pyramid on a small shelf nearby. While the water obscures a great deal of Amanda's figure, her toned thighs and legs are put on display.

In the third and final picture, Amanda dons a sexy mauve babydoll with lace embellishment as she sits on the edge of her bed. Her still-wet hair is pulled back, and her makeup has been reapplied. Her head is tilted back, eyes closed in ecstasy, as she prepares to take a dose of CBD tincture, a cannabis derivative. A hint of her curvy derriere is visible at the corner of the photographic frame, showcased by a high slit up the side of an already short hemline.

In the caption attached to the photo, Amanda Cerny gives a shout-out to the manufacturer of her CBD tincture, thanking them for improving her health. With CBD having gained a reputation for its healing properties, per Harvard Health School, it's clear that the drug's popularity as a treatment is on the rise.

Given that over 1 million Instagram users awarded her trio of snapshots with a like, and that over 2,300 of those users took the time to leave a complimentary comment, it looks like the comedienne's penchant for pushing the envelope is paying off.