Taylor Hill Posts A Makeup-Free Selfie On Instagram And Fans Fall In Love With It

Neilson BarnardGetty Images for Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret angel Taylor Hill is known for her simplicity and innocent appearance. Whenever she posts her beautiful snapshots on Instagram, they become an instant hit among her fans.

Following her pic-posting ritual, the 23-year-old model recently took to her Instagram and posted a makeup-free selfie which immediately melted many hearts.

In the snap, Taylor could be seen wearing a red-and-white tank top which provided a glimpse of her cleavage. The model let her hair down and accessorized with a few pendants to keep it simple yet sexy. As Taylor wore no makeup at all, viewers could clearly see some pimples and other marks on her face. Because of this, many followers appreciated her for being real and confident.

The picture in question garnered more than 611,000 likes and above 4,000 comments where fans and followers showered Taylor with compliments, calling her “a true angel,” “extremely natural and beautiful,” and “absolutely stunning.”

Commenting on the picture, one fan wrote that Taylor’s so-called “imperfections” are beautiful because they make her the person that she is. Additionally, a female fan – who revealed that she is suffering from acute acne – thanked the model for posting the picture because it made her day. She also called Taylor inspirational and said that she is a “role model” for many girls out there.

Another fan wrote that he is sick and tired of seeing girls with fake lips, fake tanning, and too much makeup, which made Taylor’s picture very “refreshing for him.” He also called the model “extremely sexy and lovable” for being natural.

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This wasn’t the first time that Taylor took to her Instagram to post a makeup-free snap, as she did it in the past and fans really appreciated her for doing so.

In an interview with Allure, Taylor opened up about her struggle with acne and revealed that she has been battling with the issue since the age of 15. The model said that the problem persisted despite treatment and washing her face with expensive and high-end products. Her problem was worsened because of lighting, makeup, travel, and hormones.

Talking to the magazine, the model said that since she has tried everything under the sun to treat her acne and it keeps recurring, she has finally learned to embrace the problem, adding that she doesn’t let it affect her self-esteem and confidence.

“If [despite the treatment] acne is still happening, then it’s just having to embrace it, and let it do its thing, because it’s a part of life.”