WWE News: Becky Lynch Jumps To Help A Fan Who Was Having A Seizure At An Autograph Signing


Becky Lynch is currently one of the hottest acts in all of professional wrestling and she’s involved in one of the biggest angles in WWE. She is heading to WrestleMania 35 next month where she will face Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat for the Raw Women’s Championship. As she makes media rounds, Becky is showing that she’s a true superstar for the fans as she actually helped a woman who was having a seizure on Saturday.

The feud between Lynch and Rousey has taken center stage in WWE with a clearly drawn line as to who is the heel and who is the fan-favorite. Lynch was already a huge star in the promotion, but this feud and her involvement in it is shooting her into superstardom.

As if she needed any further help in solidifying herself as the top babyface in the company, her real-life actions on Saturday did it. As reported by Ringside News, Lynch was at an autograph signing when she noticed that a fan was in desperate need of some help. Instead of sitting back and letting someone else take care of it, the former WWE Women’s Champion jumped into the fray.

Apparently, a fan started suffering from a seizure and had trouble walking due to the violent shaking she was experiencing. Leave it to “The Man” to not only go over and check on her but to stay with the fan until it was confirmed she was alright.

Another fan in attendance at the autograph signing saw the situation happen and recapped the entire incident. Twitter user Jon O’MANlley detailed the moment that Lynch saw the fan struggling and everything that happened from that point on.

“I almost forgot to tell you guys, Becky Lynch is a really f**king good person. A girl had a seizure in line at the signing, started shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t make it up the stairs. Becky ran and held her tight as she could for like 5 minutes until it completely stopped.”

Apparently, some people started saying that Lynch handled the situation in the wrong way and didn’t do the right things when helping someone with a seizure. The Twitter user said that he believed the seizure stopped before the photos were taken and Lynch simply continued to comfort and stay with the fan.

Becky Lynch is a true bright spot for WWE right now and her status in the company and wrestling world only continues to grow. She didn’t go and help the fan having a seizure for a storyline or to further an angle. Lynch did that because she saw that someone needed help and she could be of assistance, but it’s easily going to make her even more popular with the fans as she heads toward WrestleMania 35.