Johnny Manziel’s Wife Bre Tiesi Shows Virtually Everything In Very Skimpy Bikini While Doing Booty Exercises


On Saturday night, football fans of the world were learning that Johnny Manziel was getting yet another shot in professional football. The former NFL and CFL quarterback was heading to the Alliance of American Football and his signing was announced, but his wife wasn’t there to celebrate with him. Bre Tiesi-Manziel was likely very happy for her husband, but she was in Indonesia with friends and wearing very little as she performed some interesting exercises.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Manziel signed a player agreement with the AAF after being dropped by and barred by the Canadian Football League a few weeks ago. His career with the Cleveland Browns didn’t quite take off for him as he hoped and his time in the CFL was very limited, but next up for Manziel is the AAF.

While he’s getting all of that in order, his wife Bre is over in Bali enjoying time with her friends as she is celebrating the birthday of Jordan Ozuna. For those who may not recognize that name, she is the business partner of Bre who has also been linked to Justin Bieber and Tyga.

During this gathering of girlfriends for a birthday celebration, TMZ got a hold of a video that shows Bre wearing a very skimpy bikini which leaves little to the imagination. She is also sitting on the edge of a pool and showing off exercises that are keeping her backside in shape.

Bre Tiesi-Manziel is certainly enjoying herself during her trip to Indonesia and she is not letting her friend’s birthday take away from her. It is obvious that she wants the world to see all of her fun and as much of her as is humanly possible.


While it’s possible that Manziel was on the trip, it is unlikely as there was no sign of him anywhere in this video. Also, he was likely in the United States and getting everything ready for his signing with the AAF and trying to figure out with which team he may land.

Earlier this month, Bre was getting in shape for bikini season while out in California as she found the “first day suitable” to wear one. Maybe, she was simply preparing for her upcoming trip and seeing if everything looked alright.

Johnny Manziel is really hoping that the Alliance of American Football will be his chance to finally prove himself in the world of professional football. He has tried the NFL and the CFL, but neither of them ended up as he hoped they would and his careers in those leagues were over quickly. If all else fails, he could just hang out with his wife more often and let Bre Tiesi-Manziel show him some of her worthwhile bikini exercises.