Kelly Ripa ‘Grosses Out’ Teen Daughter Lola With Sexy Throwback Photos Of Herself, Husband Mark Consuelos

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Kelly Ripa did what a lot of parents of teens do — that is, thoroughly embarrass them — and she has no time for her daughter Lola’s disapproval.

As People reports, it’s not uncommon for social media users — celebrities and regular people alike — to post what is known as “throwback photos” — that is, years-old or even decades-old photos of themselves and loved ones. Usually Thursday is the day for throwback photos on social media, as the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday can be counted on to trend on all social media platforms just about every week like clockwork on Thursdays.

On Friday, Ripa, who for reasons that are unclear, was a day late to the throwback party, went ahead and posted a photo that, whether intentionally or not, almost certainly wound up embarrassing her daughter, 17-year-old Lola.

Actually, Ripa posted two embarrassing photos, one a week earlier than the other. The first was posted last Thursday and was from 2005, when Lola, who was born in 2001, would have been about four years old. The photo shows the young lass in her bikini, seated near a pool, with a look on her face that seems to indicate that she is completely over it, whatever “it” is.

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#tbt 2005 babygirl #mood

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Lola doesn’t appear to have responded to that photo; or if she did, her comments are buried within thousands of others from her mother’s fans.

But on Friday, Ripa posted a photo from 2007 of herself and Lola’s father, Mark Consuelos, enjoying each other’s company, as married individuals oft do. Consuelos’ hands are positioned on Ripa’s waist in a way that, while not exactly vulgar, would almost certainly lead to pearl-clutching if done in polite society. What’s more, Ripa drove home the point with her caption.

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#fbf 2007 Those hands ????

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It was at this point that an Instagram user with the handle “theyoungestyung” asked, snarkily, “Is the caption necessary,” followed by an emoji of someone slapping their palm to their head.


Another user, apparently not aware that “theyoungestyung” was Ripa’s daughter, suggested that the comment came from someone who was jealous — which is too weird to think about.

“They look like great hands Kelly youngestung [sic] is jealous.”

Ripa then informed the user that she (Ripa) was getting shade not from some jealous random person, but from her daughter, telling the user that she (Lola) was “grossed out.”

And as for Lola’s disapproval, Ripa reminded the young lass, publicly, that she doesn’t have time for it.

“Gurl bye.”