Sherri Shepherd Calls Out Lori Loughlin For White Privilege Amid College Admissions Scandal, Per ‘TMZ’

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were among 50 wealthy parents involved in a widespread bribery scheme to get their children into ivy league colleges. The scandal has sparked outrage in fellow Hollywood parents and fans and opened up conversations about the education system. The latest star to speak on the matter is comedian Sherri Shepherd, who cited white privilege as a big factor in the conspiracy.

Shepherd spoke with TMZ on Friday evening when she was spotted outside of the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood. To the Less than Perfect actress, Loughlin and Huffman’s indictment for the scandal marks the “end” of white privilege.

“It just trips me out how white privilege… white people had a good run, but I think it’s over,” Shepherd said.

She continued on to say that story-lines involving scandals such as this already exist on white sitcoms, but “black people aren’t doing that.”

“I saw Aunt Becky with this same story-line on Full House, it was a story-line on Shameless… you will never see that story-line on Good Times, Living Single, or Girlfriends.”

One particular episode of the 90s sitcom Full House, in which Loughlin starred as Aunt Becky, has resurfaced in light of the admissions scandal. The episode saw Becky and her husband, Jesse Katsopolis (played by John Stamos), lying on application forms to get their twin boys into a prestigious pre-school, according to NBC. The situation is eerily similar to Loughlin’s, who allegedly bribed coaches at the University of Southern California to list her daughters as recruits for the crew team when they never participated in crew.

Another Full House scenario saw character DJ Tanner dream that Uncle Jesse helped her cheat on her SATs by stealing a test booklet and giving her the answers via a walkie talkie.


Loughlin and many other parents allegedly paid to have other people take the college entrance exam for their children.

Shepherd also said that she feels the students who may have been rejected from the involved colleges in favor of accepting the involved students should now be offered admission.

“I don’t think affirmative action is the problem. I think Lori Loughlin’s money is the problem,” Shepherd said, adding that her daughter Olivia Jade should be punished as well only if she was aware of the scandal.

It is believed that many students were not aware that they were accepted to the colleges under false pretenses.