Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Logic Premiere Their Film ‘Band Together With Logic’

Frederick M. Brown Getty Images

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt, best known for acting in films like Inception and 500 Days of Summer and rapper Logic might initially stand out as an odd work-related pair, the two recently came together with a collaborative project that has been attracting a lot of respect and acclaim. Levitt and Logic got together to record a song, but the musical collaboration moved beyond the duo alone. The pair asked for and received the assistance of many people throughout the world when completing their song. While the song was being created, Levitt shot the progress and formulated a documentary that demonstrates how he and Logic worked on their idea. That documentary, titled Band Together with Logic, premiered on March 15 at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

“If you’re a fan of Bobby Tarantino, otherwise known as Logic, he’s this great rapper and he lead the world in making a song together,” Levitt said, according to Billboard.

Initially, Logic created the idea of making a song that he would create with others from all areas of the globe. Logic wanted the song to be a collaborative effort that demonstrated how people of all different cultures can come together to create something innovative and beautiful.

Logic started his quest for collaboration using the website HitRecord. On that website, individuals can get together, communicate, and collaborate digitally on their artistic goals. Logic recorded a very plain song concept, which demonstrated a bare production mixed with his vocals. He then asked others to collaborate with him on HitRecord, and he received help from musicians, rappers, singers, and mixers who assisted him with new parts of the song and creating remixes, according to the Daily Mail.


“It’s not a contest, it’s a collaboration. At the end of the show, all these people all over the world, they weren’t competing against each other, they made a song together,” Levitt said about the song, according to Billboard.

As different individuals began contributing to Logic’s song, Levitt took the time to focus on those collaborators and told several of their stories. When Levitt presented points about the different contributors, he covered the parts they contributed to the song. For instance, Levitt shared the story of Marybeth Kern, a talented multi-instrumentalist. She recorded and contributed several parts to the song. Another story features rapper Ariea Bastami, who produced some bars for the song. Other important contributors are also featured in the documentary.