When Facebook And Instagram Were Down, People Turned To Adult Movie Sites To Fill In Time


When Facebook and Instagram were down for most of Wednesday, people had to turn to other things in order to occupy their time. While some people found more time to concentrate on work and their productivity spiked as a result, other people turned to adult movie sites.

During the Facebook and Instagram outage on Wednesday, people had to find other things to do. For some, there was no other option but to concentrate on work. Other distractions, such as Twitter, reading, and watching television were also used to fill in people’s normal social media time.

However, for others, there was another option.

According to CNet, Pornhub recorded an 11 percent increase in traffic when Facebook and Instagram first experienced trouble. Over the course of the outage, Pornhub recorded as much as a 19 percent spike in traffic.

Strangely, people were also using Pornhub to search for the topics “Instagram” and “Facebook” during the outage. During the outage, there was a 323 percent increase in people searching for the term “Instagram,” as well as a 221 percent increase in the search term “Facebook.” It is unclear whether these terms were searched for adult content or in regard to the actual outages. However, as the website points out, there are already 2,500 videos that contain the term “Instagram” in their title to occupy those searching for their social medias of choice.

Featured image credit: PexelsPixabay

While many people were looking for any avenue to get their social media fix, others were using their time to look up some more obscure adult movie topics. In addition to users searching for Facebook and Instagram videos, there was a 308 percent increase on Wednesday for the search term “tentacle porn.”

The site also saw a 274 percent increase in people searching for “WWE” and a 236 percent increase in the search term “game,” according to The Blaze. Other popular terms searched on Pornhub during Facebook and Instagram’s outage was “Fortnite” and “Marvel.”

This spike in activity on the adult movie site is a common occurrence during major events, according to CNet. People also flocked to the site during a YouTube outage last year. However, not all events cause people to turn to adult movie sites. When Apple’s iPhone XS event occurred in 2018, Pornhub actually saw a dip in activity to their site during that time. The Season 6 premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones in 2016 also saw people turning away from the site.

The Facebook and Instagram outage last Wednesday was the longest outage recorded for the social media giants. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, it took nearly 24 hours to fully resolve the issue. Facebook has issued a statement saying the downtime occurred due to a server change causing unexpected errors.