WWE Rumors: Here Is One Thing That Brought Brock Lesnar Tons Of Locker Room Heat


Throughout Brock Lesnar’s time in WWE, he has been almost invisible, despite holding onto the WWE Universal Championship for long periods of time. His part-time schedule has kept him off television for most of his contract, but it hasn’t stopped him from being a title-holder. While that is sure to make a lot of other superstars very unhappy, there is one thing he did that drew him a ton of heat from the locker room.

Believe it or not, Lesnar wasn’t overly well-liked during his first run in WWE either. That run ended after WrestleMania XX where he had a match with Goldberg that fans absolutely despised, and that was the completion of his time with the company.

After leaving WWE, Lesnar went on to try out for the NFL and he went into training camp with the Minnesota Vikings. In 2004, he put his professional wrestling career on hold and went to the NFL Scouting Combine in April of that year, but a motorcycle accident caused some injuries which hampered his attempt at making it in the league.

Lesnar ended up signing with the Vikings during the summer and played a few preseason games, but he was released before the regular season. Eventually, he would go on to join UFC, but his early time in WWE was met with some heat.

Brock Lesnar with the WWE Universal Championship
Featured image credit: WWE

The WrestleMania XX pay-per-view and all of the things surrounding it were a part of the discussion on a recent episode of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard. During his first run in WWE, a lot of other superstars were reportedly jealous of Lesnar and having his own private plane had a lot to do with it.

Prichard said that Lesnar bought a private plane for $400,000 and he would use it to make some WWE events. Reportedly, some of the “guys in the back” would curse Lesnar’s name as they didn’t like that he wanted to and was allowed to arrive at events any way he chose.

Despite things being pretty good for him in WWE, Prichard said that Lesnar needed a break from wrestling and that’s what he did with the NFL. As transcribed by Ringside News, his time in WWE was met with a good bit of heat, but he did things his own way.

“Brock was participating and Brock was doing what he was asked to do and he is an individual. He is a very unique individual. So he didn’t like to hang out with the guys, didn’t like to travel the same way — okay travel some other way. It doesn’t affect — what gets me — it doesn’t affect anybody else on the roster.”

The character of Brock Lesnar on WWE television has never seemed to care much for other people or anyone else around him. It certainly appears as if he may have been similar in real life as well, and this story of the private plane reveals why that heat was on him from the locker room.