Julianne Hough Shows Off Amazing Abs In New Instagram Photo: ‘Give Thanks For Your Body’

Julianne Hough has got it and she’s not afraid to flaunt it.

The blonde-haired beauty can frequently be seen posting photos of her incredibly fit body on Instagram, and today was certainly no exception. In an effort to give thanks to her body, as she says in the caption of the image, Hough appears front and center in the middle of a dance studio.

In the black-and-white snapshot, the 30-year-old tilts her head back and lets her long, blonde locks dangle at her back. The actress goes barefoot in the image and can be seen rocking a pair of black leggings as well as a sexy black sports bra. Hough’s washboard abs are visible from a side angle and it appears as though she’s been spending a lot of time in the gym.

In just a short time of the post going live, Julianne has already earned a lot of attention with over 12,000 likes and 30-plus comments on the photo. Some fans took to the image to gush over how amazing the dancer’s body looks, while countless others simply chimed in to let her know that they’re huge fans of hers.

“If I had a body like yours…I’d be thankful. Not so thankful for the body I’m living in,” one follower wrote.


“Pretty sure we all give thanks for your body,” another fan wrote.

“You are an extremely beautiful woman.”

Prior to that, Hough posted another similar black-and-white photo, though this one showed off her derriere. Like in the first photo, the 30-year-old appears in a black sports bra and matching black leggings but this time she stretches in the middle of the dance studio.

Hough recently opened up to Self Magazine where she dished on her workout regimen. In the interview, the star told the publication that she doesn’t necessarily work out just to look good, she also works out because its fun and she loves to do it. And when people ask her how she has time to fit a workout into her schedule, she had a really good answer.

“That’s my key thing: I don’t ‘fit’ it in, I schedule it in. It sets the tone for the day for the rest of the day.”

Since she’s high-energy, Hough says that she likes high-energy workouts and likes to take the Body by Simone trampoline class. On other days, she tries yoga, SoulCycle, crossfit, and a workout with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson, but she at least takes off two days a week to give her body a break.