‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dante Makes A Desperate Move After Confrontation Involving Sonny

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

General Hospital viewers finally got their first peek at Dante as Sonny’s search played out, and spoilers suggest that actor Dominic Zamprogna’s return is going to be a wild one. Dante looked intense as he came out to show Sonny he was there, and everybody will see what he does next during Monday’s show.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Zamprogna is back for a 10-episode stint. He obviously filmed quite a bit with Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny. Luckily, viewers will see him with Emme Rylan and her character of Lulu, too.

The sneak peek at the end of Friday’s episode teased that Lulu will voice some concerns again during Monday’s show in regard to Dante. The couple has been apart for months now due to Dante’s determination to track down Raj and get justice for what he tried to do to Lulu.

Conversations have been increasingly strained between Lulu and Dante these past few months, and they have some important discussions to have. Before Dante can reconnect with Lulu, however, he’s got an intense situation to work through in Turkey.

Dante is being challenged to prove his allegiance to Raj by shooting Sonny and She Knows Soaps details that Sonny will be willing to die for those he loves. Luckily, it looks like Sonny will quickly presume that Dante remains undercover, and the two men will be able to read one another well enough to be on essentially the same page.

Previews make it appear that Dante will take a shot at his father, but of course, Sonny isn’t going to die. It’s not clear yet exactly what happens next, but not too far down the road, Sonny will be back in Port Charles.

Based on what Zamprogna has said about being on the set, it certainly sounds as if Dante will return to Port Charles quite soon to talk with Lulu. It seems that the two will get some face-to-face time, even if he doesn’t stay in town long.

The latest General Hospital spoilers indicate that some of this will play out on Monday’s show, but it will carry over into Tuesday’s episode as well. Sonny will give a major command of some sort, and by Wednesday, Carly will be feeling concerned. While Carly may well be concerned about Josslyn or her pregnancy, it may be that she starts to worry about how things are progressing for Sonny.

How will Sonny and Dante get out of this mess with Raj, and will Dante have to blow his cover of being loyal to Raj to do so? What comes next for Dante and Lulu? Fans know that this will be a juicy return and even if it’s a short one, General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’ll have everybody buzzing.