Patricia Arquette Shares Update On Her Brother, David, Following His Heart Attack

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As The Inquisitr previously shared, Patricia Arquette recently revealed that her brother, David, had suffered a heart attack after returning to the ring as a wrestler. Now, the Medium actress has given an update on her brother’s health struggles, and told Us Weekly that the Scream franchise actor is doing much better.

“He’s doing well! He’s doing very well,” she shared while attending the premiere of her new Hulu series, The Act.

Arquette had revealed that her brother suffered the devastating heart attack sometime within the last year and a half, and now he’s been getting back into doing the things he loves again, including wrestling.

“He was the world champion of wrestling many, many years ago, so this is a revival of his wrestling career. And so he started wrestling again and it is scary, you know? I mean, he’s older now, he had a heart attack and now he’s wrestling,” the big sister told host Ellen DeGeneres of her brother’s active lifestyle following his health scare.

The most recent medical drama was not David’s first major scare he has had while wrestling. The 2018 heart attack followed a scary trip to the hospital for the actor after he engaged in what he referred to as a “wrestling death match” with Nick Cage, a professional wrestler, in Los Angeles.

“I knew it was violent and potentially bloody, but I truly did not know the extent of what I was participating in. However, I take responsibility for putting myself in that situation,” David shared to Twitter following the incident.

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David also apologized to fans of professional wrestling for the “negative attention” the sport may have received following the release of several gory, bloodied pictures of the actor that had surfaced following the match. He further shared that what he had been participating in was more of “indie wrestling,” and shared that over time, the sport had become a passion of his.

The Scream actor, who is 47, also stated that he had participated in intense training for the match, but was still unprepared for what was in store for him, physically. He claims that the main reason he was injured was his “lack of experience,” and urged his followers to not try the intense style of fighting at home.

Though David revealed that his true passion has always been acting and producing, according to a recent tweet he will be stepping back in the ring on April 26 to face-off against “King Brian,” who the actor revealed beat him in a brutal match a few months ago. It is unlikely that his adoring sister, Patricia, will be in the audience — she told Ellen DeGeneres that she can no longer stand to watch her brother wrestle, as it makes her too nervous.