WWE News: In New Interview, Enzo Amore Explains Reasons Why He Crashed ‘Survivor Series’ Last Year


At the 2018 Survivor Series in November, former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore showed up at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to essentially create a scene while blending in with the live audience. This took place 10 months after WWE released him after a Phoenix woman took to social media and accused him of sexual assault, and, as USA Today’s For The Win further pointed out, Amore’s attempt to crash the pay-per-view was not part of the planned storylines or matches for the show.

Earlier this week, Amore shed light on a variety of topics in an interview with Title Match Wrestling, including the aforementioned Survivor Series stunt. As quoted by WrestleZone, he had been planning this invasion for some time but had also received a phone call from WWE shortly before Survivor Series, though he was not able to answer this call because his voicemail was full at the time.

“I knew what I was going to do, so I wasn’t going to answer the phone,” Amore continued.

Amore went on to explain that most large companies spend a lot of money on “trying to trend in the top five worldwide,” and how being in such a position is more “powerful” than getting good numbers on cable television for commercials. This, he said, was one of the things that motivated him to buy a ticket worth $2,500 for Survivor Series, as showing up and doing what he did allowed him to trend “No. 1 worldwide” and get a lot of attention from the press. He added that he wanted WWE’s executives to notice that, “statistically speaking,” he trended more than anyone from WWE’s then-current roster who actually competed at the pay-per-view.

As he continued discussing the topic, Amore compared his stunt to what Paul Heyman did for ECW and what the late Dusty Rhodes did for WCW in the 1990s and stressed once again that all he had to do was to buy a ticket for $2,500, attend Survivor Series in a wig, stand up on a chair, and ultimately get booted out of the arena.

“So if you tell me, if you’re into marketing, you tell me break no laws, have no repercussions for your actions for $2,500, you’re going to trend worldwide [that you wouldn’t do it]? Kiss my a**, everybody.”

As noted by WrestleZone, Enzo Amore also told Title Match Wrestling that his original plan was to reveal his actual identity right before the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match, where Buddy Murphy successfully defended his title against Mustafa Ali. He said this plan had to be changed because online fans had already spotted him and started talking about him and because another match – a tag team match between AOP and The Bar – had taken place instead.