Conor McGregor Buys 100 Shots Of Whiskey At A Bar

Harry HowGetty Images

Despite his recent legal troubles, Conor McGregor has been keeping himself busy with plenty of whiskey. However, McGregor’s new focus on whiskey hasn’t been about himself or his own partying; he has been out and about trying to promote his new spirits brand, Proper No. Twelve.

Although McGregor was arrested on Monday, March 11, over an altercation with a fan in front of a Miami hotspot, McGregor isn’t allowing that issue to trouble him too much. The fan alleges McGregor smashed his phone and then pocketed the device simply because the fan tried to snap a picture of McGregor.

As a result of that incident, McGregor faces a criminal lawsuit with two felony charges that could put him in prison for up to 15 years, as well as a civil lawsuit filed on Thursday, March 14, by the same fan that could cost McGregor more than $15,000 in fines. However, these legal troubles don’t appear to be distracting McGregor from his goal of promoting Proper No. Twelve.

On Wednesday, McGregor showed up at a Florida bar, and ordered 100 shots of his brand’s whiskey. McGregor arrived at Miller’s Ale House in Hollywood, Florida, in style, and appeared to be celebrating, according to TMZ. Since he had been arrested two days prior to this bar appearance, the celebratory style of McGregor may have seemed odd, but McGregor wasn’t purchasing those shots of whiskey for himself. Instead, he was buying them to share with his fans in the crowd, allowing them to get a taste of his new spirits brand. McGregor was also active behind the bar, took several pictures with fans, and cooked steaks in the bar’s kitchen.

According to TMZ, the staff at Miller’s Ale House reported that McGregor had not shown up at their venue to party. Instead, he planned to work and promote his new spirits brand, and he was happily serving people at the bar. The 100 shots McGregor ordered and paid for were handed out to people at the bar, although McGregor did purchase a couple of bottles of his brand of whiskey for himself.

McGregor’s bill for all of the booze totaled to $636.66. Additionally, he tipped the Miller’s Ale House staff an additional $200 for their assistance, although the staff did report that McGregor pitched in and did a lot of the work himself, according to TMZ.

Proper No. Twelve’s launch has been unprecedented. It is one of the most successful launches the spirits industry has ever seen. We sold six months worth of product in our first 10 days. ProperWhiskey is the most followed wine or spirit brand on Instagram. Was I surprised? Of course not. I told everyone I was going to take the whiskey market by storm, and we did just that with more to come,” McGregor said, according to Gotham Magazine.