Will And Judy Webb, Michigan Couple Married 56 Years, Died Hours Apart Holding Hands

Ric Francis-PoolGetty Images

Will and Judy Webb met when they were 14, years later fell madly in love, and were together until taking their final breaths this week.

Family of the Michigan couple that had been married for 56 years said both Will and Judy passed away this week, dying hours apart and holding hands until their final moments. Their story was shared by Fox 2 Detroit, which noted that the couple met as teenagers, then fell in love while Will was serving in Korea when they started writing letters to each other.

“At 14 they met and were friends, they dated other people, they were engaged to other people,” said Marybeth Webb, the couple’s daughter. “And then they were both single when he went to Army. So she was like, ‘I didn’t have anyone to write, so I started writing your dad.'”

Marybeth said that they later moved to Melvindale, Michigan, where they had three daughters together.

They were together for 56 years, but both had fallen into ill health. Judy suffered complications from surgery, and when Will came home from the hospital where he had been staying with her he collapsed.

Their children said that Will and Judy were taken to different hospitals — the first time in their 56 years that they were apart — and both of them continued to decline quickly in health. Earlier this month, their children decided to have both of them go to hospice care, pushing their beds together so they could spend the final weeks together.

There they stayed, together until the end.

“They were holding hands and when my dad took his last breath, my mom went like this rubbing his hand,” said Lori, another of the couple’s daughters. “She wasn’t responding but she knew he died, so she rubbed his hand, like I’ll be there soon — and she was.”

This is not the first time that a couple has taken their final breaths within hours of each other after a lifetime together. Back in 2015, Texas couple Maria and Domingo Chavez died within hours of each other after being married for 55 years. Like Will and Judy Webb, Maria and Domingo were holding hands as they took their final breaths. Family members even pushed Maria and Domingo’s beds together so they could spend their final days together, just like Will and Judy Webb. Maria and Domingo’s children said it was a fitting ending given how inseparable Maria and Domingo had been during their lives.

Family members of Will and Judy Webb said they were happy that the couple who spent 56 years together never had to spend another moment apart.