Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Revealed Willow’s Dawn Of Day Tattoo, Definite Link To Shiloh

Craig SjodinABC Press

There was a big reveal on Thursday’s General Hospital. There is a lot more to Willow Tait than meets the eye, and GH fans may have had it all figured out before this particular episode was aired. There was a previous spoiler that mentioned how the school teacher will have some sort of tie to someone in Port Charles, and now it has been confirmed who that is.

Shiloh was recently revealed to have many secrets from his past. He has set up shop in Port Charles for a reason. It is now known that his past has been linked to Drew’s and Sam’s past. His father was married to Sam when she swindled him out of money years ago. In addition, Drew had supposedly “saved” Shiloh’s life, even though Drew can’t remember it. Now there is one more person that he is tied to and that is Willow Tait. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps has indicated that she shares the same tattoo as Daisy, and it was revealed to be true at the end of Thursday’s episode.

Willow is becoming a central part of some major story lines. Viewers know that she is baby Wiley’s birth mother, and now she is being thrown into the Dawn of Day storyline as well. Daisy was shown to have a strange looking tattoo on her backside that was inadvertently revealed to Sam. Now Sam is investigating what it means.

The teacher spent some alone time with Chase on Thursday. They got caught in a rain storm and went back to his place to change. While it looked like they would be getting even closer, nothing really happened. When she went to change back into her dress, that was when the Dawn of Day mark was seen in the same place as Daisy’s.

General Hospital fans had previously speculated that Shiloh would end up being Wiley’s father and that is why Willow gave him up for adoption. It is looking like the DOD leader may be a dangerous man that has Willow scared.

This week had Shiloh and Harmony discussing a girl that they are looking for. He asked Harmony if she had any leads. That was a big hint that the girl they were talking about is Willow. It’s looking like Willow may have fled the cult at some point, most likely after she got pregnant. It’s possible that she found out that he has a shady past and that he isn’t who she thought he was.

More General Hospital spoilers coming up for next week tease that Willow will panic, probably because Chase is making some plans that could include spending a whole weekend with her. She is likely trying to hide her DOD tattoo from everyone, especially Chase.

Willow Tait is bound to run into Shiloh at some point in Port Charles. How will she react? Keep watching General Hospital to find out more on what happened between those two.