R. Kelly Now At The Center Of Another Sexual Assault Investigation Involving A Baltimore Teen

Mike PontGetty Images

R. Kelly is facing a different legal issue with each day that passes. Now, new details have surfaced about an alleged 1996 sexual assault of a teen from Baltimore, Maryland. According to News One, Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington were just teenagers – reportedly 15- and 16-years-old – when they attended an R. Kelly concert at the Baltimore Arena in 1996.

In addition to attending the concert, Scaff and Washington had received a flyer about a concert after-party that was held in close proximity of the arena. There, they met R. Kelly. Like most of R. Kelly’s adoring fans, they were ecstatic when they had the opportunity to meet the Grammy Award-winning singer. Initially, they thought it would be a typical “Meet and Greet” with adoring fans meeting their idol. However, the chance encounter was reportedly anything but typical.

After attending the after-party, where the teens were allegedly given marijuana and alcohol, they were reportedly invited to R. Kelly’s hotel room and that’s where things took a disturbing turn for the worse. During their press conference, both Scaff and Washington recalled their encounter with R. Kelly. Almost immediately after they entered his hotel room, R. Kelly allegedly proceeded to sexually assault Scaff.

Terrified about the turn of events, Washington reportedly locked herself in the bathroom while Scaff was still alone with him. She revealed R. Kelly walked into the room “already exposing himself.”

At that point, Washington headed toward the bathroom and locked the door. Scaff continued with more graphic details about her sexual encounter with R. Kelly. She admitted she was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol when the sexual acts occurred. However, that didn’t stop R. Kelly from moving forward with sexual intercourse, according to Scaff.

“When Kelly was alone with me, he asked me to perform oral sex on him. I was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol, and I did it,” Scaff said at the press conference. “He then had sexual intercourse with me, even though I did not have the capacity to consent.”

The incident happened 23 years ago, but now it appears that fateful night is coming back to haunt R. Kelly. A sole witness only identified as Sabrina has also come forward with details about that night. She admitted that she actually saw Scaff stumbling to the elevator after leaving R. Kelly’s hotel room that night.

During the press conference, she was also reunited with Scaff and Washington. Now it is being reported that the witness revealed what she saw and the brief conversation she’d had with a visibly-injured Scaff.

“You could clearly see that she was in pain… She couldn’t walk. She was bent over walking alongside the wall,” Sabrina said. “And she began to tell me she was in a room with R. Kelly and you know, they had sex. It was very rough. He left her on the bed and said that he would come back. He never came back.”

R. Kelly is currently facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault in connection with two sex tapes involving underage girls. Over the weekend, a third sex tape was turned over to authorities. The third sex tape, along with Scaff and Washington’s claims, may lead to additional charges for the troubled singer.