R. Kelly ‘Forced’ Girlfriend To Lie To Cops Regarding Abuse, Alleges ‘Page Six’

Lazarus Jean-BaptisteCBS

Singer R. Kelly may have “forced” his girlfriend to lie to cops regarding sexual abuse, alleges a new story published by Page Six. The news site revealed that Kelly told one of his girlfriends to bend the truth regarding their relationship in case she was ever questioned by police at any time.

Page Six reported that relatives of Joycelyn Savage claim they have audio recordings of Kelly where he planned out an agreement between himself and Savage. Federal investigators allegedly met with the Savage family, who reportedly turned over emails, texts, and audio recordings which prove the allegations. This proof comes via communications between themselves and Kelly’s former assistant Cheryl Mack.

Mack was alleged to have arranged a meeting between Savage and Kelly in 2015. Savage quickly moved in with Kelly, along with another woman, Azriel Clary, and they remain living with the singer to the present day.

TMZ reported that Kelly was allegedly heard on recordings saying that he would hide his relationship with Savage. The documentation also alleges that Kelly demanded a written statement from Savage if she ever attempted to reveal the truth about their relationship to authorities.

Kelly sat down for his first on-the-record interview with CBS This Morning reporter Gayle King shortly after he was charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse by Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx in Chicago. The defiant singing star clapped back at the charges during a tense interview with King, as well as proclaiming his innocence of any wrongdoing with any of the women named in the allegations of abuse.

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Clary and Savage also sat down with King to tell their side of the story. Both women appeared to corroborate each other’s tale; they were girlfriends of Kelly and were living with him of their own free will.

Rolling Stone reported that after speaking to King, Savage contacted her parents for the first time since 2017, stating that she was okay, reported the family’s attorney Gerald A. Griggs.

“We are glad to finally hear from Joycelyn today,” Griggs said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “After speaking with her little sister, Joycelyn paused from the seemingly prepared script and was able to share her love for her family. We hope that today was the first step to re-establishing a loving relationship with her family.”

Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, said in a statement to TMZ that the singer’s legal team would not address any more rumors moving forward into the investigation.

“From now on we are only going to deal with facts,” he stated.