Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Laura Blasts Kevin, Kristina Gets Deeper Into DOD

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Wednesday’s General Hospital revealed the dramatic aftermath of the Ryan Chamberlain fiasco. Ava is in anguish, Laura is devastated, and Kristina is getting herself deeper and deeper into the cult that has her turning her back on everyone she loves and care about.

Shiloh sure is getting around. He is well on his way to making sure that Kristina is lured further away from her friends and family. General Hospital spoilers for Thursday reveals that he will be paying a visit to Oscar Nero, as reported by SheKnows Soaps. The teen is back at GH with Kim and Drew by his side. Terry wants to run more tests on Oscar. Shiloh wants to help Oscar and his family, but spoilers tease that Kim rejects his help.

Harmony is back in Port Charles and it was clear from Wednesday’s episode that she and Shiloh were previously involved. The Dawn of Day leader seems to be building his harem of women. Harmony wants to move to PC to be closer to him, but he dissuaded her for now. However, he did tell her that if she locates a particular woman whose name is not known right now, then he will consider having her move.

Jason is back in Port Charles after saving both Ava and Carly from Ryan Chamberlain. He met with Sam as they talked about Kristina and DOD. Sam went on to call Shiloh and his group a cult. General Hospital fans predicted that Daisy was trying to recruit Kristina into a cult months ago, and it looks like they were right.

Valerie ended up telling Kristina on Wednesday exactly how she feels about her friend being taken in by Dawn of Day. Of course, Kristina will run to Shiloh on Thursday to tell him about Valerie. He is expected to tell her that she is better off without that kind of negativity from people like Valerie.

Ava is now left with the realization that her fiance killed her daughter and Franco was there to do his best to console her. She vowed to kill Ryan if he is found to be alive after the fall off the bridge.

In another hospital room at GH, Kevin was doing his best to explain to Laura how his evil twin brother was found to be alive and how he kept that a secret. Laura became more upset as his story unfolded. She blasted him for keeping it from her. He had known for a year and tried to his best to rehabilitate Ryan, but he only ended up escaping and killing three people. Laura reminded Kevin that he almost killed Lulu as well.

Also back from Niagara Falls is Cameron, who is apologetic to his mom and to Franco. Liz is still angry with her new husband, but Cam realizes that he was only trying to keep them safe. Will Liz forgive Franco as well?

Thursday will bring a confrontation between the real Kevin and Ava Jerome. Also, Willow and Chase will spend some time together, and Anna wants answers about her and Alex’s memories. She may get them, as Andre Maddox returns to General Hospital.