Howard Stern Furious At Wendy Williams After She Alleges He’s ‘Lost His Edge’

Kevin Kane/Dave KotinskyGetty Images

Talk show host Wendy Williams continues to make waves since her return to The Wendy Show after taking an extended hiatus to tend to her health. This time, she has made stunning claims about longtime New York City radio host Howard Stern by saying the original radio shock jock has “lost his edge.”

Stern, who hosts his own daily radio show on Sirius XM, has always been known for his outrageous on-air antics, as well as his opinionated take on celebrity and human interest stories. Williams expressed her opinion that Stern is currently behaving in a manner which is a shadow of his former edgy on-air persona, reported People Magazine.

“Howard is so Hollywood right now. Howard, I love you, but since you’ve gone Hollywood, everything you say is so predictable,” Williams claimed, calling Stern a “Hollywood insider” instead of the outsider he always alleged he was during his long and storied career in radio.

Stern clapped back at Williams for her comments on his radio show, where he remarked that Williams was a “jealous b**ch” over his career.

“You’ll never be me, Wendy. You can pretend to be like me, but you’re not. You don’t have my wit and you don’t have my talent. … You couldn’t have that career. You’re a fly.”

He then clapped back at Williams’ claims, saying that just because he has achieved a measure of success in his career, that doesn’t make him “Hollywood.” Stern then claimed if anyone should consider themselves, such it is Williams.

Stern also took offense that he spends all of his time with celebrity friends instead of what he claims is the monotone reality of his life — doing his radio show, heading home to wife Beth Stern, writing his new book, Howard Stern Comes Again, and coming up with ideas for his next show, reported People.

Stern began his career in radio in 1976 and Williams in 1986. Stern made a career of not bending to conventional radio DJ rules, using tactics such as sexuality, discussions of hot-button topics, and flooding the airwaves with his own personal take on life to gain listeners. At the time, a radio DJ’s job was not to give their opinion but to play records.

Williams also shook things up during her time in New York radio. The New York Daily News reported that she infamously butted heads with Whitney Houston in 2003 after repeatedly questioning the singer about her drug use, leading Houston to clap back by saying, “If this were back in the day in Newark, I’d meet you outside.” She also allegedly alienated a number of other celebrities, including Diddy, Tyler Perry, Usher, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, and her then-husband Nick Cannon, with some of her on-air statements.

Howard Stern’s radio airs daily on Sirius XM. The Wendy Williams Show airs in syndication.