'Playboy' Model Sara Underwood Goes Braless, Nearly Exposes Breasts On Instagram

When it comes to varied careers and interesting projects, Instagram darling and model Sara Jean Underwood stands out from the rest of the pack.

While she originally rose to success from modeling in professional photoshoots -- and being named Playboy Playmate of the Year back in 2007 -- Sara Underwood has managed to pivot her career, moving away from the world of adult modeling into one for general audiences.

In 2006, she made her big screen debut with a minor role in Accepted and followed that up with appearances in both Epic Movie and The House Bunny. A few years later, she managed to transition into the world of video games and tech. Aside from serving as a floor reporter at E3 2012, Sara also served as the host of Attack of the Show! from 2010-2013 (per her IMDb page).

Lately, Sara has been making a splash on Instagram, having accrued a veritable legion of fans and followers, who flock to her account to get a glimpse of her trademark sexy and (often risque) snapshots. At the time of writing, Underwood boasts 9.2 million followers on the popular social media platform, with just over 2,100 posts. After some quick math, it can be concluded that she has brought in just under 4,350 new followers with each Instagram post she shares.

While the platform doesn't provide in-depth metrics and statistics for individual posts, we wouldn't be shocked if one of her latest posts brought in a new group of followers.

In one of her most recent shares, Sara Underwood can be seen posing in the lush green forests in the Pacific Northwest. Unsurprisingly, the buxom blonde's choice in attire is hardly suited for the harsh and rugged terrain.

In this particular photo, Sara is rocking a thin white zip-up top, which she has very carefully unzipped in order to show off a stunning amount of cleavage, nearly exposing her breasts in the process. Her short, signature blond tresses are curled around the side of her face, coming to rest at her shoulders. To complete her ensemble, Sara is wearing a cute white hat and a revealing leopard-print skirt, which shows off her toned legs.

It should come as no surprise that this particular Instagram share has proven itself popular with Sara's devoted fanbase. At the time of writing, the picture has accrued well over 140,000 likes, despite having only been posted one day ago -- it seems like Sara's sultry snapshot hasn't been slowed down by a recent service outage, which affected Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Her fans also took the time to leave a few comments on the picture.

"Always off the chart, ridiculous beauty! Amazing!" one user wrote. "Love the outfit," another chimed in.