‘Big Brother’ Star Elena Davies Breaks Down As She Shares Her Side Of Breakup With Mark Jansen

Monty BrintonCBS

Big Brother stars Mark Jansen and Elena Davies have revealed that “Marlena” is no more. The Big Brother 19 alums have both confirmed their split after nearly two years together, although their stories of how things went down are a bit different.

In the second episode of her new The MiscELENAeous podcast, via PodBay, Elena Davies revealed that it was Jansen who initiated the breakup.

“Mark and I are no longer together…. It’s pretty obvious that I have been very dumped.”

Davies went on to say that “love does not just disappear, right along with the man who leaves you,” and she went on to say that she was not ready to give up on the relationship. Elena Davies also shared that she “fought really hard” for Mark, but admitted it may have been too little, too late.

“But I did fight for him until the very last moment, that I found out he had moved on with someone else from Tinder,” Davies revealed.

Elena Davies also admitted that she and her former Big Brother boyfriend are “very different people,” and she blamed some of their disconnect on their inability to effectively communicate with each other — as well as their very opposed personalities. Davies also added that it didn’t help that her reality TV romance started out –and stayed — in the public eye. She lamented the lack of privacy, and the incessant hate that they received from Big Brother fans — hate based on Elena’s unflattering edit on the CBS reality show.

Elena Davies also revealed how she is coping with her breakup from her Big Brother beau.

“I loved Mark. still love Mark, a f**king lot — oh, what a turn of events — and my heart is absolutely shattered into a million pieces. Survival after a breakup can feel impossible at times, and the only thing getting me through these hard days is knowing that I can survive because I’ve survived before. Also, vodka. Also, Xanax. Also, my wonderful friends and family.”

While she referenced her feelings of sadness, betrayal, and bitterness as she nursed her broken heart, Elena Davies recalled the happy times with her ex. She said that some of the best memories of her life were times spent with Mark Jansen.

“I was obsessed with that man. I still am… I wanted to be the girl of his dreams so bad,” Davies said.

Elena Davies’ super sad narrative comes one week after Mark Jansen posted a 45-minute video to YouTube, in which he announced the end of “Marlena.” “Marlena” is the pet name given to the couple by Big Brother fans. In his video, Jansen pointed to Davies’ alleged lack of positivity about their relationship as one of the main reasons for their breakup.

“I was happy when she was happy,” Jansen explained. “It was really that simple for me. I was happy when she was happy. And so, with that mindset and perspective, hearing constantly that it’s not a fairy tale and I’m far from Prince Charming, it was just a gut shot.”

Mark Jansen and Elena Davies were one of three couples to emerge from Season 19 of Big Brother, which aired during the summer of 2017 on CBS. In addition to the now-broken “Marlena,” romance blossomed for Big Brother couple Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf that season — the BB19 stars went on to win The Amazing Race and are now married, with their first child together due this spring. Matt Clines and Raven Walton also continued dating after the CBS reality show wrapped in September of 2017.

Mark Jansen originally relocated from Buffalo, New York, to Elena Davies’ Dallas hometown so they could continue their relationship outside of the Big Brother house. However, the end of the couple’s housing lease coincided with the end of their relationship.

You can see Mark Jansen’s lengthy video about his split with Elena Davies below.