Columnist Calls For Women To Have Sex With Him To Solve Population Growth

Jean Chung Getty Images

A newspaper columnist in rural Minnesota is being mocked on the internet for a “satirical” column in which he suggested the solution to the emerging problem of national underpopulation is for women to have sex with him.

As reported by Hannah Jones in City Pages, the column ran in the Lafayette-Nicollet Ledger in South Central Minnesota and was authored by Lee Zion, the editor and owner of that newspaper.

In the column, Zion cited a recent study by the National Center for Health Statistics that the fertility rate in the United States has dropped below the rate of replacement. Zion had two suggestions for reversing the trend – and for once, the one calling for increased immigration was not the most controversial.

After first suggesting letting more people into the country, Zion had another proposal.

“Have sex with me.”

Zion, in the column, goes on to suggest that women of child-bearing age engage in sexual congress with him in order to slowly repopulate the planet. He volunteered to “bear any burden, pay any price, meet any hardship, and squirt any squirt to Make America Great Again.”

The column was not published as a standard web page but rather redirects to a “News 2 Go” page that requires a login in order to zoom in.

City Pages quoted the horrified online reaction to the column, which included accusations that the author is a “pervert.” Zion told that City Pages that the piece was meant as satire and that it’s the most negative reaction he’s gotten from anything he’s written since a column critical of Donald Trump was published during the government shutdown.

“Editor has poor taste and writes trashy columns most recently racist and inappropriate,” a commenter wrote on the newspaper’s Facebook page Tuesday night.

“Get a new owner and editor ASAP,” another said.

One commenter denounced the column and also criticized the paper for misspelling “Granby Township” as “Granny Township.”

Remarkably, Zion’s column has not been the most controversial small town newspaper column to be published so far this year. The most controversial one was likely the February column in Alabama’s Montgomery Advertiser in which newspaper editor Goodloe Sutton wrote in an unsigned editorial that the Ku Klux Klan “needs to ride again” in order to prevent tax increases, per The Inquisitr.

Sutton resigned from his job with the paper soon after to, as he put it, “drink beer and sex young women,” per The Inquisitr, and he was replaced as editor by an African-American woman, Elecia R. Dexter.