Colton Underwood Opens Up About Cassie Randolph, Butterflies, And Finding Love On ‘The Bachelor’

John FleenorABC

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph can finally be open with The Bachelor fans about the status of their relationship. It may have been a complicated journey in front of television cameras, but the two say they are madly in love and that the past few months have been wonderful. As the finale played out on screen Tuesday night, Colton took to his Instagram page to share some additional insight.

Tuesday night, Underwood shared a photo showing him with Randolph. The Instagram post acknowledged that Colton would never be able to put down in writing how strongly he feels for Cassie. Prior to The Bachelor finale ending, he had kept things vague and simply told fans he was happy. Now, he’s clearly over-the-moon happy with the woman he says he deeply loves.

Fans have developed mixed feelings for Cassie throughout this Bachelor season, but Colton clearly isn’t wavering in how he feels for her. He wrote about how Randolph is his future fiancee and future wife, and he said she has made this year the best of his life.

Underwood has 1.6 million followers on Instagram now and this particular post garnered a lot of love. In just 13 hours or so, the photo had amassed 625,000 likes. Nearly 20,000 fans commented, with the majority of the notes being supportive of the couple’s ending.

In his Instagram Stories, Colton shared some additional insight into how their relationship has evolved over the past few months. They’ve spent a lot of time with Cassie’s sister Michelle and brother Landon, along with their respective significant others.

Colton and Cassie did have to don disguises for some of the get-togethers they had. However, it looks like they bucked the usual protocol and actually spent a lot of time together on their own at her place with the inner circle of people in her life.

Cassie introduced herself to Colton on the first night of The Bachelor with a box of butterflies and the two appear to consider butterflies a symbol of their love. While Randolph’s introduction was slightly awkward in the sense that the butterflies weren’t still alive when she opened the box that first night, Underwood still treasures the sentiment behind the gesture.

Underwood shared via Instagram that while his love didn’t know it until now, he still has a butterfly from that first night. In his Insta Stories, Colton showed how they now notice butterflies everywhere they go.

At this point, it would seem that this is another Bachelor success story despite the ups and downs that Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood went through to get to this point. Will this romance last? Fans will be keeping an eye on what comes next for Colton and Cassie, and many are rooting for this romance to go the distance.