‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Wednesday: Guilty

Monty Brinton/Robert VoetsCBS

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday, March 13, reveals that things go from bad to worse for Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon as they hear a guilty verdict and learn their shocking sentences. Plus, Abby is on to Summer’s plans, Phyllis tells Kerry her new plan, and Billy and Nick plan to work together.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) told Summer (Hunter King) she must postpone her wedding. Unfortunately for Nick, Summer insisted that nothing would stop her from marrying Kyle (Michael Mealor) tomorrow. Later, at Crimson Lights, Abby (Melissa Ordway) confronted Summer about her hasty wedding to Kyle and ordered her to cancel, and Summer told her aunt it’s none of her business. Of course, Abby reminded Summer that Lola (Sasha Calle) would soon be her sister-in-law, s0 that made it her business. Summer accused Abby of being jealous, and Abby promised to get to the bottom of Summer’s scheme. Abby said Lola deserved to have Kyle by her side when she wakes up.

In the courtroom, everybody gathered as the jury read the verdicts. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Victoria (Amelia Heinle), and Sharon (Sharon Case) stood to hear their fate. All three women are guilty of all charges. Michael (Christian LeBlanc) vowed to file an appeal, and Brittany (Lauren Woodland) reassured Sharon and advised Mariah (Camryn Grimes) not to make an appeal on GC Buzz. The women waited two hours for sentencing.

Ahead of the sentencing, Billy (Jason Thompson) complained to Michael about his failed strategy while Nick (Joshua Morrow) defended the lawyer. Ultimately, both men decided to stop complaining and began working on a plan. After all, somebody burned down the stables and hid in the walls at the Ranch. Perhaps it was J.T (Thad Luckinbill). Billy and Nick agreed to try to find him because they believe he could still be alive.

Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) headed to Jabot because she needed a win at work. She told Kerry (Alice Hunter) that she had a plan to neutralize Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) company since that’s Jabot’s most significant competitor right now. She swore Kerry to secrecy and then they discussed Jack of Hearts marketing. In the hallway, Kerry called somebody to inform them that they’d hit the motherload. According to The Inquisitr, Phyllis will get a reality check soon.

Back at the courtroom for sentencing, Nick told Mariah to dump Tessa (Cait Fairbanks), but Mariah told him she believed in second chances. Ahead of the sentencing, Billy spoke out about how terrible taking Victoria from her children would be for them. Then, Jack (Peter Bergman) spoke on Nikki’s behalf and discussed her brave fight with MS. Nick pleaded for mercy, and then Mariah asked for compassion for Sharon, whom she said didn’t have a mean bone in her body. Ultimately, the judge said she had to stick to the facts despite the compelling character witnesses. She handed down a sentence of three years for Sharon, ten years for Victoria, and 30 years for Nikki.