Big Bang’s Seungri Implicated In Prostitution Scandal

Danny E. Martindale Getty Images

Big Bang, a band whose fame made them the face of Korean Pop around the world, was once the largest K-Pop band. For over 10 years, they enjoyed plenty of popularity, wealth, and fame. Plus, their music won them several awards and accolades. However, the public hasn’t seen much of the band over the past few years, mostly because the band needed to take a break and fulfill their necessary duties to the South Korean military service. The band’s lead singer, Seungri, was set to enter the service in a few weeks; however, his duties may now be postponed.

While we haven’t heard much from either Seungri or his band since Big Bang decided to go on their hiatus, the media received a flood of news about both the band and its lead singer over the past few days. Unfortunately, none of the news is positive, and it also explains why Seungri may not be entering the service this month. Seungri has been charged with supplying prostitutes and could wind up serving three years in jail, according to Celebrity Slammer.

Seungri previously co-owned a nightclub in Seoul, South Korea, known as Burning Sun. A few months prior to Seungri’s charges, a video that demonstrated an assault that happened at the club flew around social media. Police took a closer look at the video, and then followed up with accusations made about both Seungri and the club’s staff. The police are alleging that Seungri and the staff of Burning Sun supplied drugs and also offered sex workers to their wealthy, important clients.

Since the accusations became public, Seungri, who is now 28-years old, denies any wrongdoing. However, police have stated that they have text messages that prove Lee Seung-hyun, Seungri’s real name, was involved.

Seungri decided to retire from the entertainment industry once he learned about the charges that had been filed against him. He announced his decision to quit his band on Instagram.

“It would be better for me to retire from the entertainment scene at this point. As this scandal is too big, I have decided to retire. As for the ongoing investigation, I will take it seriously to clear myself of all the allegations. I give my heartfelt, sincere thanks to fans at home and abroad who gave their love for the past 10 years, and I think this should be it for the sake of the reputation of YG and Big Bang,” Seungri said, according to The Guardian.