Ashley Graham Shares Hilarious Photo Of Herself Getting Stuck In A Skintight Shirt

Kelly Butler

Ashley Graham is well known for sharing sultry, sexy snaps of herself in various poses and unique outfits. Today, however, Graham decided to share something a little different. The model took to Instagram to share a picture of herself hilariously attempting to put on a blue, sheer top -- but getting it stuck over her head, instead.

The royal blue garb was meant to fit over a body-hugging tank top that showed off Graham's ample cleavage. The attire would have topped off a pair of pleated, black slacks, only it just wouldn't cooperate with Graham and two assistants that attempted to come to her aid. Graham shared three photos of the giggle-inducing moment, while musing that we all have "those days," and that today was hers.

Though the stunning model looked very pained while involved in the silly ordeal, she still managed to look flawless. Graham wore her dark hair in loose waves that hit her shoulders, and behind the shade of the see-through top fans could make out her makeup, including a rose-colored lipstick.

Graham is an established voice in the fashion industry, as well as on social media, for her outspoken criticism over labeling curvaceous models as "plus sized," as Us Weekly shared.

"To have an industry say, 'Oh, this is the plus size model'. Why do we have to describe a woman because of a number inside of her pants? Why can't we just say her name or her occupation and that be it. They don't say my plus size friend whoever. So why would women have to do it."

"There's still so much retouching that's happening, trying to change who we are. But I think that models and women of a certain size start standing up and saying, 'hey, we're demanding that you respect us. And that you don't change who we are'," she shared.

This latest update to Instagram is just one of many raw, real moments Graham shares with her 8.2 million Instagram fans. Aside from the glamorous photo shoots and stunning attire she wears when modeling for fashion labels and magazines, she also frequently shows off laid back photos and videos of herself to social media that her fans go wild for.