Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Valerie Confronts Kristina Over Dawn Of Day

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode suggest that there are some emotional conversations on the way. The fallout from Ryan’s reign of terror is still playing out throughout Port Charles, teases SheKnows Soaps, but the March 13 show will have action on several other fronts as well. The sneak peek for the next episode reveal that Valerie and Kristina will have a chat, but it won’t necessarily go well.

As viewers have seen, Kristina is getting deeper and deeper into Shiloh’s Dawn of Day organization. Sam is worried for her sister, but it’s clear that Kristina is getting pulled into something that is ultimately going to be bad news.

The preview for Wednesday shares that Kristina and Valerie will meet up and things will get emotional. As the two women talk, Valerie will tell Kristina that she feels like she’s losing her friend. General Hospital spoilers from the latest print edition of Soap Opera Digest reveal that this interaction kicks off a significant estrangement between the two.

Kristina will talk Valerie into attending a DOD rally with her and she’ll hope her friend will feel the same enthusiasm for the group that she does. Krissy will feel hopeful that Valerie might even become involved in DOD herself, providing a chance for the two friends to strengthen their relationship.

However, General Hospital spoilers tease that Valerie will be critical of Shiloh’s speech at the rally and this does not sit well with Kristina. Krissy will perceive that as a judgment from her friend and soon Shiloh gets involved. He’ll successfully drive a wedge between the two women, but he’ll do it in his typical Shiloh way that Kristina won’t perceive as outright manipulation.

Fans have seen that Shiloh is already starting to pull Kristina deeper into the DOD organization, giving her additional responsibilities. Unfortunately, everybody but Krissy can see that this is not going to turn out well.

Actress Brytni Sarpy is leaving the role of Valerie, as she’s headed over to a new gig on The Young and the Restless. It had sounded like her final scenes had already aired in February, which was a disappointment to Sarpy’s fans. Everybody will still be sad to see the under-utilized actress leave General Hospital, but at least now it’s clear she gets some meaty scenes before she’s truly gone.

Will Wednesday’s episode be Sarpy’s last with General Hospital? Spoilers suggest that it might and that Kristina’s fascination with Dawn of Day and Shiloh is going to get pretty dark in the days ahead.