‘The Young And The Restless’ Michael And Kerry Actors Get Cozy

Rich Fury / David LivingstonGetty Images

The actors who portray Michael and Kerry on The Young and the Restless got cozy recently.

Christian LeBlanc, who portrays Micheal in Genoa City, took to Instagram to share a sweet picture of his co-star — a woman he dubbed a ray of light. In the heartwarming image, Kerry actress Alice Hunter gives LeBlanc a gentle kiss on the cheek. The co-stars appear to have a great friendship.

LeBlanc’s followers instantly chimed in with comments on the cute photo.

One wrote, “She’s gorgeous and such a lovely actress!”

Another commented on LeBlanc’s fun personality, writing, “OMG! You are such a ham!!”

Unfortunately, they may not star together on Y&R much longer. The Inquisitr recently reported that Hunter is leaving the show. The actress teased an intriguing storyline for Kerry’s exit, and it looks like the arc she mentioned in her tweets is setting up for the Jabot chemist. Recently, Kerry has texted an unknown person — and she is playing both sides with Jack (Peter Bergman) and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni). Both people have given Kerry something in writing, which she insisted upon. Now the chemist texted somebody. It appears that she had the Jabot CEO and the Abbott heir right where she wanted them.

While nobody knows for sure who Kerry is texting, one strong possibility is Ashley (Eileen Davidson). Davidson is supposed to bring Ashley back to the canvas in late March, and while it could have something to do with Abby’s (Melissa Ordway) wedding to Arturo (Jason Canela), it looks like her return might have more to do with Jabot than with her daughter’s pending nuptials.

Many loyal viewers hate to see Hunter go, but they’re looking forward to the storyline she teased about Kerry’s impending exit. It seems like things may get a bit wild before she heads out of town, presumably leaving Jack heartbroken in her wake.

As for Hunter, she’s gathering memories of her time on the show — memories which included Melody Thomas Scott’s 40th anniversary as Nikki Newman. Hunter recently posted a beautiful picture of the celebration to Twitter for posterity.

In the image, Hunter appears with Melissa Ordway (“Abby”), Kate Linder (“Esther”), Tognoni, LeBlanc, and Michael Graziadei (ex-“Daniel Romalotti”). They gathered to celebrate Scott’s tremendous accomplishment a few weeks back. Hunter’s fans responded with promises to follow her career, which they’re confident will be excellent.

One wrote, “I’m gonna miss you on yr [sic]. I just loved you and Jack. I wish you nothing but the best in future endeavors.” The actress replied with her thanks.

It looks like Hunter’s exit will leave a hole in the hearts of her co-stars and fans.