‘Bachelor’ Fans Think Colton Underwood & Cassie’s Relationship Twist Was A Ratings Ploy For This Reason

Rick RowellABC

Viewers of The Bachelor took to Twitter to sound off on the stunning relationship twist between Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph, the one woman who didn’t love Colton enough to make a commitment to him. Fans think the tension-filled finale is set up, and these are the reasons why they feel this way.

Twitter was aflame with fans who criticized the way the show took a turn for the unexpected after Underwood sent home two women who truly loved him, Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin, for the heart of one woman who was so uncertain about her feelings for him that she abruptly left the series.

They also question one major plot twist that appeared in part one of the two-part Season 23 finale. Fans believe that Cassie was still in on the island when it was reported that she up and left the series just short of the season-ender.

One fan took to Twitter and stated, “Well it’s still confusing, considering they showed her packing her bag, saying she made the right decision, then walking out with her luggage.”

“Then somehow she’s still in her room when he shows up?! Bad editing I guess?”

Reality Steve tweeted that it was Cassie whose door Colton knocks on at the end of the first part of the two-part season finale. Another fan believes it could be someone else Underwood was looking for, maybe Cassie’s father or even a show producer.

Meanwhile, one fan clung to the above theory with this eagle-eyed observation on Twitter.

“That wasn’t Cassie’s door. Look at the floor when she’s wheeling out her suitcases and then compare it with the floor where Colton walks down the hallway and knocks. It’s a different room.”

Regardless of how Cassie and Colton’s love affair ends or begins, one thing is for sure — this surprising plot twist surely has viewers on edge.

From the moment Underwood knew Cassie was the one for him, his mission was to hold onto her heart, despite her misgivings about their relationship. Fans could sense that Cassie seemed reserved in her feelings for Colton for several episodes before her dramatic exit from the series. During the couple’s hometown date in Huntington Beach, California, things didn’t go exactly as Underwood, or Cassie, for that matter, had planned.

PopSugar reported that during his sit-down with Cassie’s family, Colton found that they too had their misgivings about the relationship. Cassie and her sister spoke about her future with Colton and a possible engagement. Her mother then explained that she wanted her daughter to take her time with her relationship with Colton.

It was Cassie’s father who had the heaviest hand of all in squashing the couple’s chance at happiness. He seemed more upset that Colton was also telling other parents that he felt love for their daughters, which seemed ingenuine to him and not what he wanted for his daughter.

Whether or not Colton and Cassie have a future together as husband and wife remains to be seen, but fans will surely be watching their drama unfold tonight during the season finale of The Bachelor, which airs at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.