Hannah Godwin’s Family & Friends Thought She Was Engaged To Colton Underwood

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Hannah Godwin, one of the women whom Colton Underwood left standing alone at the end of Season 23 of The Bachelor, reportedly let her family and friends believe she was engaged to the reality star throughout the duration of her appearance on the ABC series, so as not to spoil the surprise twist at the end of the season.

People Magazine reported that Godwin believed she and Underwood had something so special he would put a ring on it at the end of Season 23. Unfortunately, that would not be the case.

“I thought it was us the entire time,” said Godwin, per People.

“I valued our relationship so much and I didn’t even get the chance to even have another date with him. He gave everybody else that chance and I thought, why not me?'”

“My whole family thought I was engaged until I told them,” Godwin continued, seemingly dropping a bombshell of a statement. “It was really hard to tell them what had happened. I was in denial for a long time.”

It was also difficult for Godwin to learn that Underwood had no intention of going on a Fantasy Suite date with her, despite her feelings of love, which she freely admitted during Part 1 of the two-part Bachelor season-ender.

Godwin remarked that she felt better once she spoke to Underwood during the live segment of Part 1 of The Bachelor finale. She revealed to People that although it still hurt to face the man she once said she loved, it felt good to say what was on her mind, get answers to some lingering questions and finally, move on.

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The former finalist told Underwood that she was upset he misled her to believe that she was the one as they headed into the final days of the competition. She revealed to him that she loved him and that believed he felt the same way. Godwin also felt betrayed by Underwood, who told her to trust him and his feelings throughout the competition.

Asking for her father’s blessing sealed the deal with Godwin, who thought, at that point, that she had won the competition and final rose, as well as an engagement ring from her love. It likely didn’t help Hannah close off her feelings for Underwood when he told her that he thought it was going to be her that he ended up with, instead of Cassie Randolph.

Godwin also said that she harbors no hard feelings about her Bachelor experience. In fact, she revealed the experience was a good lesson, moving forward, into knowing what she wants in a future mate, stating that she will now be able to handle anything that is sent her way.

The Bachelor‘s Season 23 finale airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.