Shay Mitchell Suffers Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction While Looking Completely Unrecognizable In New Video

Former Pretty Little Liars actress and You star Shay Mitchell suffered a pretty awkward "wardrobe malfunction" in a new video posted to Instagram while she looked completely unrecognizable as her alter ego known only as Svetlana. As reported by Hollywood Life, the star shared the clip with her more than 23 million followers on the social media site as she ditched her signature dark hair and posed for the camera with icy blonde locks and light blue contact lenses in her eyes.

Looking completely different than her usual self, the star struck a few poses in a plunging animal-print bodice top while having some finishing touches done by her glam team.

But things didn't quite go to plan as Shay dressed up as the sexy Svetlana as the strap of her top suddenly sprung open to reveal a little more than the star was aiming for.

Though she looked pretty shocked at the accident, Mitchell quickly recovered and didn't flash too much skin, protecting her modesty by quickly grabbing the broken strap to reattach it to the back of her top.

The stunning actress also appeared to see the funny side of the incident that was all caught on camera. She pulled a funny face and joked in the caption that Svetlana actually "wasn't too concerned" when the strap of her top popped open for the world to see.

Shay also added the jokey hashtag #bustdownSvetlana to her hilarious new upload alongside a shrugging emoji.

Though she didn't reveal exactly why she was dressing up as Svetlana – though it appeared the actress may have been taking part in a photo shoot of some kind – fans were clearly loving seeing a different side of Mitchell on her social media.

Shay Mitchell attends the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones
Getty Images | Dia Dipasupil

The video has already been viewed more than 3.7 million times in the first nine hours since she shared it with her fans.

But even though she was rocking a very light blonde hue in her latest video, it appears as though Shay's new look was more than likely all down to a good wig. Shay previously revealed that she regretted ever trying to dye her dark hair blonde when she was younger.

"It damaged my hair so much, and getting back from it took forever. I think it was also out of insecurity at the time," Mitchell told Glamour in an interview last year, revealing that's he tried out light hair in high school.

"I was still in high school and wanted to look exactly like my friends—you know, blond hair, blue eyes. Now my lesson is accentuate what you were born with," Shay then continued. "Or have fun with wigs! There are so many options you can use now, like, why would I [dye my hair]? You can get an instant color change and don't have to make a commitment."