Is Hannah Godwin Still Single After Her Heartbreak On Colton Underwood’s Season of ‘The Bachelor’?

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Hannah Godwin is over Colton Underwood, but is she ready to move on with a fence-jumping lothario? The Alabama beauty who had her heart broken and her Fantasy Suite date stolen on The Bachelor finale is a few months past her heartbreak in Portugal, when Colton Underwood showed up at her hotel to tell her they were done. On the live finale of the ABC reality show, Hannah G. got the answers she was looking for and she described the kind of man she really wants.

While Hannah had the opportunity to ask Colton if things would have been different for them if they had more time together, he made it clear that his heart was shut off once he fell in love with Cassie Randolph. Hannah G. later revealed that while she struggled after her Bachelor blindside, she learned a lot about herself as she processed her unexpected breakup with Colton, according to People.

“Having all of these months struggling and going through a really big heartbreak that was really real for me showed me how strong I am and how I can handle way more than I ever, ever imagined that I could. And handling things by myself has taught me what I deserve and what I want in life. I want somebody who will jump a fence for me. I need that kind of relationship.”

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Hannah Godwin admitted that after watching The Bachelor episodes back, she still feels as “confused” as she did on the night of her breakup with Colton in Portugal. It is clear that Hannah is still processing how things went down and that she needed closure with Colton before moving on.

While Godwin hasn’t posted to social media since her appearance on the live Bachelor finale, her last Instagram post — which is actually footage from a Bachelor blooper reel — is filled with comments from fans showing her support. As for her wish to find a guy who will hop a fence for her, Hannah already has plenty of takers.

“Name the fence that I will gladly jump to get closer to you baby!” one wannabe suitor wrote.

“My heart hurt watching tonight’s episode but I know you will find someone who’ll jump a fence for you!!!” another fan wrote.

Of course, many Bachelor fans think Hannah Godwin deserves to be the next Bachelorette after getting the short end of the stick on Colton’s season. But while ABC’s next leading lady has not yet been confirmed, spoiler king Reality Steve has already strongly hinted that it won’t Hannah G.

“I just think some people every season manage to stay drama free, which is fine for them personally, but for the viewer, sometimes that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing,” The Bachelor blogger wrote of Hannah on his blog last week.

The two-part Bachelor finale concludes tonight on ABC.