Colton Underwood's Finale Brings 'Most Shocking Turn Of Events,' 'Bachelor' Executive Teases In New Spoilers

The Bachelor spoilers have been teasing all season long that Colton Underwood's journey to find love would contain some wild twists and turns. Viewers saw the beginning of that last week and now the two-part finale will contain even more shockers. It's not often that the shows live up to this kind of hype, but in this case, it just might.

TV Insider talked with ABC executive Robert Mills who shared a few Bachelor spoilers about what's on the way.

"Just when you think you've seen everything, Colton found a way to completely change the rules, and you see all of that in the finale."
In fact, Mills teases that all of the contestants still involved at this point of filming were completely stunned by what happened after Cassie Randolph quit the show and Colton jumped the fence.
"All the people in this love quadrangle were left dumboufnded. This is something we have never seen before. There is a reason we had to make it two nights."
For what appears to be the first time this season, the show is revealing some relatively vague Bachelor spoilers that sync up with what spoiler king Reality Steve has said happens.

In fact, executive producer Bennett Graebner shares that there may not be a "most dramatic rose ceremony ever" this time, a phrase the show has frequently used in past seasons. In addition to that, viewers will see the upcoming action take place on two different continents.

As The Inquisitr has previously teased, Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Colton will end up eliminating both Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin while still in Portugal. That means that there is no overnight date for Hannah, and the show is down two rose ceremonies.

However, that's still not the end of the story. Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers have also revealed that Colton will decide he's not giving up on a life with Cassie yet. He'll fly to California where the Randolph family lives, ABC cameras in tow. He will plead with Cassie to reconsider a relationship and it seems she'll ultimately say yes.

There reportedly is no final rose ceremony and no engagement between Underwood and Randolph. However, ABC's teasers do essentially confirm that Colton heads back to the United States while filming continues and that there may be no big moment of that iconic final rose ceremony.

Graebner teases that he went without sleep for 48 hours straight at this point noting, "I have worked on the show for 11 years, and I think this was the most shocking turn of events I have ever witnessed... What was happening was so unprecedented, it required a lot of attention."

How will fans react to the upcoming shockers? Mills teases that viewers may reflect back to some of their other most notorious finales for a comparison. Viewers will remember that things were crazy with former Bachelors like Arie Luyendyk Jr., Jason Mesnick, and Brad Womack's first run on the show, and Colton will join that group in a sense if these spoilers are right.

Whether people love it or hate it, Mills says that Underwood did what he felt he needed to do.
"Colton stayed true to himself, for better or worse. He has never been interested in what people think."
Will Colton Underwood convince Cassie Randolph to continue dating and give their Bachelor romance a chance? How will fans respond to this finale full of emotional twists and turns? ABC teases a wild run over the course of these last few hours of the season that will have everybody buzzing.