March 11, 2019
Tucker Carlson Defended Female-On-Male Statutory Rape In 2015 Interview With Gavin McInnes, Per 'Daily Beast'

As reported earlier on Monday by CNN, Fox News host Tucker Carlson remained unapologetic in the aftermath of the release of audio recordings from 2006 to 2011, where he was caught making a number of misogynistic comments. A more recent report, however, alleges that Carlson was espousing such views as recently as four years ago when he sat down for a podcast interview with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes and suggested that adult women, typically teachers, who have sex with underage boys are merely "initiating" them into manhood.

In a report published on Monday afternoon by The Daily Beast, the outlet explained that Carlson made the aforementioned comments on McInnes' podcast in 2015, though it was only in January 2017 when his appearance on the show was uploaded to YouTube. According to The Daily Beast, Carlson prefaced things by telling McInnes that he's in favor of "treating women differently from the way we treat men."

Carlson then reportedly followed this up by arguing that statutory rapes committed by men should be treated differently than those committed by women, saying that the latter is "not even in the same universe" as the former.

"There is a limit beyond which I can't pretend anymore. And calling—in this case, it was a 17-year-old kid—a 'rape victim' because a teacher, who wasn't even that old, or married, was kind enough to initiate him into the ways of adulthood. I'm not just going to sit there."
As further quoted by The Daily Beast, Carlson explained that for boys between the ages of 15 and 17, having sex with a female teacher is better than having sex with a girl within the same age range, as he feels teenage girls likely won't be emotionally ready for such an experience.
"You can have a safer, albeit technically illegal outlet, with a woman who knows what she's doing. You're not going to hurt her feelings. You know what I mean? This is harm reduction. This is like a needle exchange."
In the year prior to Carlson's appearance on Gavin McInnes' podcast, the Fox News host had two appearances on the network's daytime show Outnumbered, where he reportedly shared similar views on female-on-male statutory rape. The Daily Beast wrote that Carlson resorted to victim-blaming in one appearance, saying that a 16-year-old student ruined his 38-year-old teacher's life by going to the police and accusing her of raping him.

In the other appearance, Carlson was quoted as saying that a 15-year-old student who allegedly got a lap dance from his teacher should have considered the event as "the greatest thing that ever happened."

As of this writing, Carlson has yet to issue any comment on The Daily Beast's new report. He did, however, take to Twitter on Sunday night, sharing a statement where he refused to apologize for having been caught "saying something naughty" by Media Matters. He also invited anyone who disagrees with him to appear on his eponymous Fox News show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and explain why they feel that way.

Per CNN, Media Matters head Angelo Carusone responded to Carlson's statement by telling him that the remarks he makes on his show "echo the misogyny" that was on display in the recently released clips.