March 11, 2019
Danielle Staub Is Accused Of Drugging Oliver Maier And Isolating Him From Family

Despite never following through on the nuptials, by all appearances Danielle Staub and Oliver Maier have managed to maintain a steady relationship. However, it may not be a healthy one.

Sources have revealed to AllAboutTheTEA that behind closed doors a disturbing dynamic is developing between the couple.

An insider close to the situation said that Maier recently had a seizure, and Staub may not be caring for him in an appropriate manner.

"Oliver suffered a seizure about a week ago. He actually has a history of seizures, and friends and family are very concerned about his health. Danielle has since isolated Oliver, and no one really knows where he is, or how to get ahold of him."
"Oliver is an alcoholic," another source added. "His friends fear that Danielle may be lacing his drinks with pills to keep him in an altered state to keep total control over him."

The source said that Maier's text messages come off unnatural, like "PR statements," and that Staub is "controlling his phone and his email." Apparently his family and friends have been texting him and fervently trying to reach him. The insider said that his family thinks Maier's responses don't sound like him.

According to the insider, Staub has excessively used Maier's credit card, without him knowing or giving his permission.

"Several packages from Saks Fifth Avenue and other high end department stores have been recently purchased on Oliver's credit card and delivered to Danielle. It looks like Danielle is secretly shopping up a storm while Oliver is incapacitated," said the source.

The source also claims that a concerned relative might file a police report based on Staub's violent past. "Everyone is very worried about Oliver's well-being."

On March 5, the reality star posted a worrying video of Oliver Maier, who looked groggy and dazed, and barely standing up on his own.

It was previously reported by AllAboutTheTEA that Staub allegedly wooed Maier away from her best friend, Gina Curko. Maier was dating Curko when Danielle posted a photo of herself and Maier kissing in St. Barts on Instagram.

A source said that Curko apparently found out about the relationship after reading an article and immediately called Maier in St. Barts. He had initially told her he was on a business trip, and she wanted to know why he lied. Maier denied everything and claimed Staub Photoshopped him in the photo of the two kissing.

Curko snapped back, claiming Staub was only with the wealthy investment banker for money. She declared that she was done with the couple, blasting them both in an angry statement.

"I will never speak to him AGAIN — moving on! They are old news. Danielle is garbage. Danielle will crash and burn as she usually does. Look at her life — that speaks volumes."