Update On Reality Stars Heather And Wayde King

Frederick M. Brown Getty Images

Heather and Wayde King, stars of Animal Planet’s series Tanked, may have hit a point of no return with their relationship. Since last week, reports about the couple’s struggles have hit the news media, initially starting with Heather King’s arrest for domestic violence.

On Wednesday, March 6, Heather and Wayde started arguing, and the fight apparently got physical at the couple’s Las Vegas home, according to TMZ. The police were dispatched to the couple’s residence, and Heather was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence. She was also released later that day.

During the altercation, which became very heated, Heather allegedly slapped Wayde across his face, and then kicked him two times in the stomach. By the time police arrived at the couple’s home, one side of Wayde’s stomach was very red. Wayde also told the police that he was hanging outside of Heather’s car window when she drove off. Responding to Wayde’s allegations, Heather did admit that she slapped Wayde across the face. However, she said she did not drag him while driving her car.

Heather and Wayde have been married for 21 years, but after Heather’s domestic violence arrest, Heather filed for divorce from Wayde, on Friday, March 8, according to Extra. Heather wants to obtain primary custody of the couple’s children, one who is 18-years-old already. However, Heather also states she is willing to share custody with Wayde, but she wants monthly child support that totals around a quarter of Wayne’s monthly income. Heather is also asking for Wayde to pay for health insurance for the children, along with temporary spousal support. The couple has two daughters together, Taylor and Morgan. Heather is also asking for a joint preliminary injunction to prevent Wayde from depleting any of the assets they share.

Interestingly, in the court papers, Heather is also asking to keep her married name, according to TMZ. Whether or not Wayde has any problems with this request remains to be seen.

Since 2011, Heather and Wayde King have been known household names because of their Animal Planet series Tanked. Tanked focuses in on Wayde King as well as Wayde’s business partner, Brett Raymer. Together, the two own Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, a business that constructs custom-made aquariums for clients across the United States, including celebrities. Heather also appears on the show and works for Acrylic Tank Manufacturing as an accountant.

“Working alongside her father, brother and husband in one office every day is a little more than an average day job; it’s clearly a labor of love. Heather is the absolute love of Wayde’s life and handles all the accounting at ATM,” Heather’s Animal Planet biography says, according to People.

“Seeing Wayde in his glory doing what he is most passionate about makes the struggles of mixing business with pleasure well worth it.”