March 11, 2019
Emily Ratajkowski & Curvy Friend Show Off Their 'Beach Buns' In Bikini Snap, Get Fat-Shamed On Instagram

Bikini bodies come in all shapes and sizes, as Emily Ratajkowski proudly conveyed today with a sizzling photo posting to her Instagram page.

The gorgeous Vogue model recently launched her new Inamorata Swim line, as The Inquisitr previously reported, and has been dropping sweltering bikini snaps to show off her new swimwear collection.

Earlier today, the 27-year-old model and actress took to the social media outlet to showcase yet another one of her latest creations — a skimpy polka-dot string bikini, not unlike other similar designs that she had recently modeled on Instagram.

To show off the new Inamorata design – a halter-top bikini that looked quite similar to the brown "Las Olas" top and bottom featured on the Inamorata Woman website – Emily hit the beach together with her best friend, the curvy and bubbly Caitlin. The two ladies were photographed lying next to each other on adjacent beach towels as they soaked up the sun, kicking back and relaxing with a couple of beers in hand.

While the brunet Emily flaunted a barely-there two-piece covered in white polka dots, the blonde Caitlin rocked a black one-piece, bringing a lovely color contrast into the mix. Caitlin's beach attire was also one of the new Inamorata Swim line designs, a pricier option available on the website under the name "Cardiff."

In the sun-kissed snap, the two women were photographed lying on their stomach, proudly showcasing their "beach buns" — as Emily noted in the photo caption.

Caitlin is Emily's closest friend and one of a handful of people that the model invited to her wedding with Sebastian Bear-McClard last February.The bodacious socialite is the girlfriend of social media sensation The Fat Jew, a longtime childhood friend of Emily's husband, Sebastian. In fact, the two couples appear in many Instagram photos together, having fun in their own skin and being unapologetically themselves.The sun-drenched bikini photo of Emily and Caitlin stirred up some very mixed reactions on Instagram. While many people appreciated the photo, quite a numerous crowd of fans responded with scathing criticism, fat-shaming Caitlin for showing off her curves in the high-cut swimsuit.

"Beautiful on the right. Beluga on the left," wrote one Instagram user, with another person continuing in the same theme with a comment that read, "Wale and delfin [whale and dolphin]."

"You vs. the girl he tells u [sic] not to worry about," sarcastically remarked another one of Emily's Instagram followers.

One particular Instagram user had a vitriolic reaction, labeling the photo, "La bella e la bestia," which translates as "beauty and the beast."

Meanwhile, some people criticized Emily for sharing the photograph, saying that it was in poor taste for the model to post a snapshot of herself next to her more heavy-set friend. "Like a leg model posing with amputees," commented one person.

"[She] knew she'd trigger such reactions with this picture so I wonder why she posted it," wrote another Instagram user.

"With a friend like Emily who needs an enemy," quipped one of her social media followers.

At the opposite pole were people who saw the beauty in the sun-kissed beach snapshot and took to the comment section to express their appreciation for the lovely ladies.

"Both of you are absolutely stunning," exclaimed one person, while another wrote, "Both got booties for days!"

"All shapes and sizes are beautiful!!!!" proclaimed one Instagram user. Another person wholeheartedly agreed, writing, "They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But they have one thing in common – they are all beautiful."

One person piled on the praises for Caitlin, writing, "I love the first one! The first person on the left! How much she must be fun?!!"

At the same time, people were outraged about the hurtful comments and negative reactions that tarnished the lovely moment at the beach shared by the two friends.

"Why do people feel the need to comment hateful things? Like do you feel better about yourself after? Disgusting," wrote one of Emily's Instagram followers.